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a monster able to change appearance from human to wolf and back again

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Wolfman did not explain to the donors about the physical and mental risks they face, denying them any information they needed to have before making their decision.
This is definitely a first in the Aboriginal community," said Wolfman.
In "The Wolfman," Del Toro plays an Englishman named Lawrence, who is stricken with a curse that turns him into a werewolf when the moon shines bright.
With graphic scenes of mutilation, decapitation and dismemberment, The Wolfman certainly doesn't stint on the fake blood as the titular predator slashes through an entire supporting cast, and a few of the lead actors, too.
The last nine compositions are a medley of lively toe-tapping tunes that include Green Monster; My yeti's So Cool; Robin (the Sugar Goblin); Messy Nessie; Boogie Monster; Mummy; Little Dragon; Monster Truck; and Wolfman. Altogether, "Tabby Road" showcases a pop-rock style music that is pure entertainment and confidently recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, community library, and elementary school library CD music collections for young children.
[Editor's note: Wolf, affectionately known as "The Wolfman" by colleagues in the industry, was a close industry friend to the PG staff, and we extend our condolences to his family.
The collaborative effort of Marv Wolfman, Mario Ruiz, and William J.
The David Barker-trained Cape Sydney beat stablemate Wolfman a neck, and the handler's mother Pat Barker said.
For Brian Wolfman, director of Public Citizen's litigation group, the only question is whether Lockhart's loans have remained unpaid for more than 10 years.
Rabbi Shmuel Wolfman, a "sofer" or Torah scribe, will write the Torah by hand inside Chasam Sopher.
To retired elementary teacher Judy Wolfman, of York, Pennsylvania, storytelling is the quickest way to teach creative writing.
To thousands of Canadians, he is the star of the successful Aboriginal Peoples Television Network program Cooking with the Wolfman. When Windspeaker caught up with him recently, the Wolfman was just recovering from an emergency appendectomy before heading out from Toronto to fly to Edmonton to do a show at the famous Rising Star Cafe.
In 1992, Eric Haugen melded his hobby -- motorcycling -- with his respective education and experience in apparel design and backpack manufacturing, and let loose a Wolfman. Wolfman-brand motorcycle luggage, that is.
Last spring, Williams-Sonoma hired Peri Wolfman, former owner of Manhattan tabletop shop Wolfman-Gold & Good, to lead its New York-based design team.
Yaffa Wolfman makes interesting and instructive observations, which unfortunately for the most part are so dispersed throughout the text as to require an energetic effort on the part of the reader to form a complete picture from them.