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the largest breed of dogs

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Husky will join its sister vehicles Wolfhound and Coyote as part of the pounds 350 million Tactical Support Vehicle programme announced last year which will buy more than 400 new armoured support trucks to accompany existing patrols carrying essential supplies such as water and ammunition.
Ironically, about a month before the wolfhounds were discovered in their virtual prison in the townhouse, the Willards saw an ad in the paper for Russian wolfhound puppies.
The Wolfhound award represents the first direct sale to an overseas government of a Force Protection product.
SHE'S been known to take her giant Irish wolfhounds to school writing workshops, but author Cathy Farr has now turned to smaller dogs for inspiration.
STAR MAN Henderson during Wolfhounds loss last weekend
Executive Vice President for Customer Operations Damon Walsh stated, "The selection of Force Protection to produce the Wolfhound confirms our responsiveness to customer needs.
STAR MAN Henderson on the ball during Wolfhound loss last weekend
The Wolfhound man-portable signals intelligence system is being offered by the Army program executive officer-intelligence, electronic warfare and sensors (PEO-IEW&S) office to the Afghan National Army (ANA).
For it is Cathy's Irish Wolfhound Finn, who measures nine feet from nose to tail, who has provided much of the inspiration for her new career as an author.
WOLFHOUND is a ferocious fantasy epic featuring sword fights, medieval kingdoms and vengeance, available on DVD courtesy of Momentum Pictures.
DUAL Group 1 winner and Group 1-producing sire Wolfhound, a resident at Gary Player Stud in South Africa, has died from a heart attack.
It tells the tale of the fearless wolfhound Gelert and his master, the 13th Century Welsh prince, Llywelyn the Great.
She was finally rescued by paramedics when the barking of her faithful Irish wolfhound, Patsy, alerted a passer-by.
CATO is a one-year-old Irish wolfhound who lives with owners Donna Beveridge and her fiance Paul Cowell in Kirkcaldy.
Wolfhound has read-compatibility with the large installed base of 8mm customers, enabling them to upgrade easily to Hitachi's faster, higher-capacity tape products while providing them with trouble-free recovery of data from their tapes.