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whistle or howl approvingly at a female, of males

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WOLF whistles seem small fish considering hundreds of kids are being abused on our streets and people's homes are being broken into.
It's called a 'builder's tradition' - as though it's the industry's equivalent of an essential Masonic ritual - but is a wolf whistle really a threatening battle cry between the sexes?
Welsh builders were once scorned for their wolf whistles and ill-fitting trousers.
Then as time goes on and you get a bit less choosy about your opinions and a bit more enthusiastic about meeting Mr Right (who just might be the bloke who wolf whistles at you from a building site) you don't get so uppity about it all.
Nordan's novel exemplifies how the truth will find a way out, as Wolf Whistle airs the dirty laundry of pre- civil rights lynchings.
I got a wolf whistle when I went home and mum was flabbergasted.
Right Approach has a pull of 7lb in the weights with Alkaadhem for defeat by three-quarters of a length over course and distance last time and is joined by stablemate Wolf Whistle. T rainer Mike de Kock said: ``All my runners in the Dubai Duty Free are progressing nicely.
But one neighbour in Dalatho Crescent said: "Every time a car went past you would get a wolf whistle. It got a bit wearing.
In terms of cultural practices, the most common in South Africa is the ubiquitous wolf whistle. Let any woman walk past any building site and she is likely to be subjected to a wild cacophony of wolf whistles.
A wolf whistle greeted the Queen when she arrived in scorching Scotland yesterday.
He is very tame but will not talk or even make a sound - apart from a wolf whistle!
Pat Bidmead, Nuneaton Wolf whistles Oh how I miss the "Wolf whistles" The banter and the fun With men high up on rooftops Watching the girls go by.
"I used to smile when I received wolf whistles in the Sixties.
And after a day of wolf whistles and enviable glances (if my experience is anything to go by), Eamonn will wish to stay the whiteheaded boy for good.
"I was dressed as a can-can girl in a red and black frock and the best bit was the wolf whistles" - Actor Simon Callow recalls winning a fancy-dress competition when a boy of 12 on a voyage from Africa.