wolf spider

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ground spider that hunts its prey instead of using a web

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This kind of wolf spider, which measures up to 1cm long, is considered relatively harmless and is usually very solitary -- but the extreme flooding forced them to all escape together and therefore come into close contact with another.
Ecotoxicological effects of buprofezin on fecundity, growth, development, and predation of the wolf spider Pirata piratoides (Schenkel).
The body of a wolf spider can grow to more than 1.3 inches large.
This is a female wolf spider and the little ones on her back are her children.
Take the wolf spider, whose sparkly back wasn't some form of natural luminescence but the eyes of an army of her babies who would go on to eat her to ensure a first nutritious meal.
ecology of fear, grasshopper, wolf spider, tri-trophic interactions, trophic cascade, predator-prey interaction
The endangered Kauai cave wolf spider (Adelocosa anops) feeds on the equally endangered Kauai cave amphipod (Spelaeorchestia koloana).
Yet the night-prowling wolf spider Camptocosa parallela readily eats hornworms that nibble plants lacking nicotine.
"I don't scare easily and have other spiders in my garden that look scarier, like the wolf spider, but these little spiders (Black Widows) that are not as intimidating are the ones I should be worrying about."
Beware dips, flow zone, drag row or garden--Oz Wolf Spider (a web)
These range from the tiny (and rather cute, in my opinion) money spiders to the more sinisterly named rustic wolf spider.
Prey and feeding behaviour of adult females of the wolf spider Pardosa amentata (Clerk).
This is a female wolf spider (family Lycosidae) carrying her freshly hatched spiderlings on her back.