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a young wolf


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Holt prefers Gru-Bee's Wolf Pup scope on all his 10/22s.
Until now, little was known about sensory development in wolf pups, and assumptions were usually extrapolated from what is known for dogs, Kathryn Lord at the University of Massachusetts Amherst suggests.
They may resist--after all, a wolf pup's life is pretty fun, what with all the wrassling, yipping, and tearing into their food--but gentle, applied effort will help them grow into fine young adults.
WILD TALES (E) Ten episodes of the natural history series, with cheetah cubs, a wolf pup and a polar bear cub.
An exciting mountain rescue, beautiful descriptions of the landscape of northern New Mexico, and a brave, likable heroine who is raising a beloved wolf pup as a pet are all part of this debut novel.
In Alaska's Gates of the Arctic National Park, a wolf pup stalks the twitching tail of a sleeping adult.
We can choose to become involved with the staff to learn more about wolf pups, so we can 'hike, howl, canoe and join the wolf pup staff ...' on excursions, for a fee of course.
A small wolf pup was found crouched in a corner shaking with fear and growling.
Two Illinois canids were brought in for necropsy in August 2002: 1) a 3-month-old female wolf pup, which died after 2 days of lethargy, depression, and irritability that progressed to anorexia, weakness, ataxia, and blindness and 2) an overweight 8-year-old castrated male Irish Setter-Golden Retriever mixed breed dog that was euthanized in moribund condition after a 7-day illness.
The remote region of India is also home to many carnivores, including this wild wolf pup (left) held by the author.
In trying to keep the weight down, I mounted the rifle with a 4x24mm Wolf Pup scope by Gru-Bee, Inc.
The WS biologist identified the first animal captured as a wolf pup based on dentition (Mech, 1970), size (especially length of legs and size of the feet and toes) and weight (Table 1).
"I used to go up to Maine to visit my cousins and they had a half-breed wolf pup. I couldn't understand why my parents wouldn't let me have one," he said, and then laughed as he explained that he lived in Fitchburg at the time.
The first Mexican wolf pup born in the wild in more than 70 years was presumed dead after its mother was shot.
Other authors have proposed that insufficient access to caribou during this time may influence wolf pup survival (Kuyt, 1972; Williams, 1990; Heard and Williams, 1992; Heard et al., 1996; Frame et al., 2004).