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large ferocious northern deep-sea food fishes with strong teeth and no pelvic fins

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[20.] Kime DE, Tveiten H (2002) Unusual motility characteristics of sperm of the spotted wolf fish. J Fish Biol 61: 1549-1559.
Wolf fish live from Greenland south to Cape Cod, in very cold waters.
Nick Adams, of E Ashton's Fishmongers in Cardiff market, said Ashton's has stocked the Wolf fish several times a year for customers interested in trying something different.
Wolf fish (also known as catfish) can reach 40lb, and turn blue when they grow larger.
DECEMBER 22 - 23: Santa will be diving in his red suit as he goes underwater to feed haddock, wolf fish, conger eels and other fishy residents of Macduff Marine Aquarium in Aberdeenshire.
Other main courses included roasted wolf fish -a new one on me -which is served with wok-fried veg, noodles and chilli sauce (pounds 10.25).
Helen's designs are opulent, decadent and luxuriant, with a sensual texture created by the use of exotic fabrics such as wolf fish and salmon skin, metal mix fabric, silicone and simulated pearls.
Another standard is the Pan-roasted Wolf Fish, Celery Root Puree with scallion, and Braised Celery with parsley, garlic, and Parmigiano in a wolf fish and dry porcini broth reduction.
Hartlepool boats also reported better catches of codling with fish to 7lb taken, while Tyne charter boat "JFK Two" had ling to 9lb, cod to 8lb, pollock to 3lb and also a wolf fish (catfish), plus a few sizeable coalfish.
The weather has again hit boat angling, although JFK TWO managed a trip out last Saturday and the party took around 30 fish with pollock to 7lb, cod to 10lb and the odd wolf fish.
The river holds an excellent population of wolf fish, or trahira, including the current all-tackle IGFA world record.
In the mix of sea lettuce and other red and brown seaweeds, sea perch, skate, wolf fish, sea robins, hake, scup, rock crabs and goosefish find their way into our traps.
He offers up such delicacies as wolf fish cheeks and chocolate starfish.
Meet the creatures of the deep, from wolf fish to conger eels, in this centre with a 40,000 litre seawater tank - the deepest in Scotland and one of the biggest in Europe.