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(95) As discussed earlier, when the women in the wog pageant cross-dressed, they chose a wide variety of personas: a cowboy, "Buckwheat," a rock star, Don Johnson, and a gentleman in three-piece suit.
It was Taylor who, as the campaign manager on "Wog Boy," helped the Fox release gross A$11.4 million ($6.8 million) last year.
One of the most impressive things about the Wog Wog patch experiment is its design.
When McCartney was hired by the University of Colorado, WOG introduced him to the WOG-linked "Vineyard" church, which has a parish in Boulder.
"The Wogboy" is the brainchild of actor-writer Nick Giannopoulos, who rose to fame in Oz with his hugely successful, and funny, 1987 stage show, "Wogs Out of Work," which cleverly worked against political correctness and stereotyping.
A COMMUNITY police officer has been forced to quit after calling an Asian colleague a "wog".
David Miller, defending, said Chambers was called a "wog" in a takeaway and told to "go home" just before the police arrived.