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intense mournfulness

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Flurries in the market have distracted attention from the woefulness of Rangers' performance at Tannadice.Those who saw it live rate it as one of their worst showings in recent years.
This abundance led Shneidman (1999: 115) to calling Melville "a death-intoxicated man," who paradoxically had an immense zest for life: death and diminution are the haunting presences in Melville's works awing the reader with both their magnificence and their woefulness. All this richness--manifest in an "information overload" or "stimulus inundation," when too much is experienced by a human being out of phase with what would be normal for the biological age--can be seen as the expression of Melville's inner struggles to find ultimate, normally inaccessible, answers:
But it was not in the same bracket of woefulness as that rainy Sunday almost two years ago.
DID They were disabused of that notion after just four minutes when Warnock's woefulness and Dyer's directness resulted in Swansea scoring the opening goal in a comfortable 2-0 away win.
However, co-owners Venkatash and Balaji Rao had to leave at half-time against Wigan such was the abuse from supporters and they can surely tolerate woefulness only for so long.
As one exasperated critic asserted in 1902: "The story is thus of unrelieved woefulness; its moral, that the negro has no chance against unjust suspicion in the South, nor any against ruin in New York" ("More Fiction" 449).
Given the run of only a couple of victories in eight games, Boro's self-confidence was startling, even taking into account the woefulness of Villa's first-half football."
But its woefulness reached new levels during that first-half stretch, when the Beavers saw a 12-9 lead shift into a 23-12 deficit.
But neither side could blame the man in the middle for the woefulness of what they produced.
Freshened by two substitutions, there was no doubting the Quakers' second-half commitment but it only highlighted the woefulness of a performance littered with wasted possession and defensive errors.
Blight's recent treatment of Civil War memory, where it is attached to a white supremacist ideology, aided by southern reverence for the "Lost Cause." (91) Elaborating on the legacy of the Confederacy as captured by war veteran-turned-novelist Albion Tourgee, Blight notes that "the sheer 'woefulness and humiliation that attended its downfall' ...
But even they must be twitching after England's woefulness at Windsor Park.
On Saturday he veered too readily from brilliance to woefulness but overall there was a verve and an electricity about him that was exciting.
Sunderland's loyal and massive following have a right to see the players vilified for their woefulness. The fans deserve the utmost sympathy, almost as much, indeed, as any spread punters who bought Sunderland's points with 14 matches remaining.
Quite frankly it would be nigh on impossible to overplay the woefulness of a Blues performance that sounded an all too familiar death knell on Heineken Cup hopes at the Arms Park.