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Synonyms for woeful

Synonyms for woeful

suffering from usually prolonged anguish

Synonyms for woeful

affected by or full of grief or woe


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of very poor quality or condition

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The effect of the heavy rain was evident from the rise in shopper numbers at indoor shopping centres last month compared with the woeful double-digit decline seen in ailing town centres.
He said: "We won the league by nine points last term and made a European final - we couldn't have been woeful.
I have read the transcript of what he said and he said we were woeful for the last year and a half.
Summary: Despite a steady drumbeat of woeful economic news, investors continued to prop up oil prices Thursday, betting the global economy would turn around this year.
Sadly, Woeful Second World War doesn't reach the same heights.
1 : full of grief or misery <a woeful heart> <a woeful tale>
Craig Gordon proved to any doubters that, although his kicking can be woeful, his shot-stopping and saves for important chances can be the difference between defeat and victory.
CRICKET: Shaun Marsh's unbeaten 69 and three for 17 from Mitchell Johnson saw Australia outclass woeful Bangladesh in the second one-day international at Marrara Cricket Ground in Darwin today.
For all the woeful decision-making, both on and off the pitch, it was always going to be Brian.
Jenkins will be hoping to overcome his woeful record over 'The Power' in televised events to claim a memorable victory, while Lewis, who produced some of his very worst and very best form during the 2007 competition, faces a tough ask against fellow youngster, Wade.
Scientists are usually full of woeful news for lovers of fatty food, but they have come up trumps for fish and chip fans by discovering a way to make batter less fatty.
About halfway through, Haino's voice and guitar reached a climax of sheer cacophony, then subsequently and incrementally descended again into a woeful, almost dirgelike moan.
Train Wreck, powerful and packed with punk/pop influences, is also thoughtful as it weaves an intriguing but woeful tale.
Pope John Patti contributed to these woeful numbers by his intransigence on such issues as birth control, divorce, celibacy and the ordination of women.