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Synonyms for woebegone

Synonyms for woebegone

suffering from usually prolonged anguish

Synonyms for woebegone

worn and broken down by hard use

affected by or full of grief or woe


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Western media at the time painted the intervention as a classic blunderin a woebegone, faraway land.
A new rule could make matters worse, especially with far-reaching requirements that, like its woebegone predecessor, would destroy coal jobs far beyond Appalachia.
But aren't these eminences themselves largely responsibly for this tragic predicament of these woebegone Palestinians, whose suffering is no lesser woeful for originally being thrown out of the land that their forefathers had ploughed and worked on for ages and where now sits Israel and from where its political gangsters and trained military death squads act together to slay the Gazans, their children and their women like flies being swatted with a crushing juggernaut.
TWO little girls, within sight of parents and a camera crew researching whether passers-by would be alerted by their lonely and woebegone looks, were ignored by 681 adults at London's Victoria Station.
In a town chock-full of front-running Yankee fans, he has held firm in his staunch support for those woebegone Cubbies, who haven't won the World Series since 1908 and whose last National League pennant-raising occurred in 1945.
This kid pitcher from rural Massachusetts barely made an impact on scouts, yet improved steadily until he reached the starting rotation of the woebegone Detroit Tigers.
To help himself move on and reunite with Wilhelm, Jacob watches over the young Jeremy Johnson Johnson, a woebegone boy who has been hearing Jacob's voice since he was a small child.
The fairy tales are not as gruesome or macabre as expected; many of them feature woebegone heroines beset by their own families.
It is a testament to Thomas's unlikely success in Moscow, but also to Alexandrov's frisson-inducing account of myriad adventures along the way, that The Black Russian emerges as deeply satisfying despite its subject's woebegone end (in 1928).
She appeared frail and woebegone at Sir Denis's funeral in 2003, and afterwards she appeared less and less frequently in the House of Lords.
This may sound like a rough way to go through life, but you won't find a woebegone attitude in Nile.
But does the federal government have a compelling interest in giving some woebegone hellhole like Flint, Michigan a leg up over some other city?
Garnett spent 12 seasons in Minnesota, nearly single-handedly turning the woebegone franchise into a perennial playoff team that made a run to the Western Conference finals in 2004.
It's an opportunity to show, as Egypt's women did, unity is more piercing than bullets; that sweet choruses disarm shield-wielding men and melt the hearts of the woebegone.
Just like the citizens of Lake Woebegone, all credit unions are above average and all banks are not.