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Synonyms for woe

Synonyms for woe

a state of prolonged anguish and privation

a cause of suffering or harm

Synonyms for woe

misery resulting from affliction

intense mournfulness

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If you purchased Woe is I when it was first published in 1996 (reviewed in the November 1997 issue of Technical communication), you might be asking if the second edition is worth the additional investment.
However, Crack, Brutal Grief is a much different film from A Man Whose Life Was Full of Woe. Elder, provoked by the violent suicide of a close friend and collaborator, constructed the film almost entirely from still images and audiovisual materials found on the World Wide Web.
Sad, the river receives corpses by night Sad and the two shores are afraid, darkness and woe (lines 93-94)
Watch "(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVYpE6rxi7o) Suits of Woe 's" trailer courtesy of (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVYpE6rxi7o) TV Promo Channel .
In designing a process-oriented WOE, the modality effect needs to be considered; otherwise, the effectiveness of learning from the process-oriented WOE could be moderated by inefficient design of WOE.
WINTER WOE: "I'm strapped for cash with Christmas approaching so I can only invest in one new beauty product to see me through the winter."
But retail giant Marks & Spencer was the biggest faller as its week of woe continued.
The great commentator Rashi has a wonderful way of expressing the contamination which we all experience from bad influences in our lives: "Woe to the wicked, woe to his neighbour." If you live among hard or brutal people, then you come under their influence.
"Woe to those who make unjust laws," reads Isaiah 10:1-2.
At this point in the speech, Hamlet may merely mean that his grief for his father is genuine, but 'passeth show' may also mean that he has some sort of feeling that can't be shown by 'the trappings and suits of woe' - his black clothing and cloudy face.
With three more episode left, "Suits of Woe" features the most awaited part of season 7, the time when Jax (Charlie Hunnam) finally finds out the truth that his own mother killed the mother of his sons and the web of lies that she made to cover up her crime.
In similar manner, make strip sets B through G using WOE strips in fabric arrangements, sizes, and quantities shown in Diagram I-B.
Hard was thy Fate, which, while it doom'd to woe, Denied thee wisdom to support the blow; And robb'd of all its energy thy mind, Ere yet it cast thee on thy fellow-Kind, Abject of thought, the victim of distress, To wander in the world's wide wilderness.
IT WAS another day of woe for Lewis Hamilton as hopes of a podium in a competitive McLaren were wrecked at the first corner.