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(of sound) fluctuating unsteadily

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Then we can determine whether the wobbling of BGCs is the result of a novel astrophysical phenomenon or new fundamental physics.
Both line scanning and wobbling are treatment techniques for proton therapy that offer the possibility to carefully control the radiation dose deposition, both laterally and in terms of depth.
Astronomers using Kepler discovered the wobbling when they found an unusual pattern of transiting for Kepler-413b.
I only hope that "twerking" does not become a keep-fit fad because Mrs T could cause serious harm to our foundations by wobbling her bits.
I'm quite slim but everything was wobbling, I mean everything was wobbling.
Each era includes a new component that can be used to keep the Wobbles, well, wobbling through their environments.
If you are having a problem with a wobbling fan it is most likely due to an improper installation or a problem with the blades being bent or off balance.
The Earth is tugging on the moon and that tug--even though it's quite small--keeps the moon wobbling," says planetary scientist Francis Nimmo of UC Santa Cruz.
A WOBBLY WALLABY I once saw a wallaby wobbling As he travelled along a road, And there beside the wobbly wallaby I saw an even wobblier toad.
It had started wobbling dramatically, and not for the first time", I hasten to add, "and I would not have made a fuss but for the fact that I have a temporary filling on the other side of my mouth and had been advised not to bite on anything harder than a scrambled egg.
An HD version of the Wobble, a photo wobbling application that is popular in the iPod and iPhone, is now available for sale to users of the iPad tablet and smartphones running on Google's Android operating system.
A spokesman for the council in Lytham St Annes, Lancs, said: "The statue had become uneven - Les was wobbling and within the base are some steel supports which may be corroded or weakened.
There is confirmed information that the bridge is wobbling.