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Synonyms for wobbliness

the quality or condition of being physically unsteady

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There's not much steering feel, and its inherent wobbliness means you're never encouraged to pile hard into a corner.
A concept from economics called the median voter theorem provides one explanation for this wobbliness. In a video for Learn Liberty, the Creighton University economist Diana Thomas explains that our majority-rule system means candidates are forced to position themselves strategically to try to win more than 5o percent of the vote.
In the run up to Noah's arrival, staff at the Drayton Manor Hotel have been asking children what is important to them during their visit and the crucial issues of the day have varied from the wobbliness of the restaurant's jelly to the bubbliness of the bubble bath.
There's something off-kilter about the song, a sort of underlying punch-drunk wobbliness. It's terribly engrossing.
Some signs of FD are fatigue, unclear articulation, difficulty with lip slurs, involuntary lip pulling, air leaking from the corners, poor tone quality, wobbliness, or lip lock.
For the Saudis, America's wobbliness in the region, in the wake of Iran's rising challenge, is a threat to the stability of the kingdom and the survival of its ruling family.
The BAI is a 21-item self-report scale developed for measuring the severity of anxiety symptoms (e.g., "wobbliness in legs" and "fear of losing control").
You're also magnifying the wobbliness of your telescope's mount, imperfections in the optics, and the inherent fuzziness that necessarily arises from the limited size of the telescope's lens or mirror.
Even worse is the film's wobbliness in the final stretch.
It commonly causes side effects in cats, such as wobbliness, staring, inappetance, inactivity, all forms of narcosis [deep stupor or unconsciousness] and/or evidence of opioid psychological effects.
The Israeli account suggests a measure of American wobbliness in the deliberations.
But their levity is so contagious that the boatmen, taking advantage of the girls' wobbliness to put an arm around an older one or two, cannot help but crack a smile.
Warning signs include nervousness, hyperexcitability, anxiety, vocalization, muscle tremors, lack of coordination, wobbliness (the dog may appear drunk), and pupil dilation.
Indeed, more than Russian or Chinese wobbliness, a failure by Europe to stand firm in containing Iran will be a major flaw in any effort.