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Synonyms for wizen

to make or become no longer fresh or shapely because of loss of moisture

Synonyms for wizen

lean and wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness

References in classic literature ?
His blinking eyes were steady, and his wizen face had become suddenly composed.
Shortly after, there was a prodigious cackling and gratulation of Chanticleer and all his family, including the wizened chicken, who appeared to understand the matter quite as well as did his sire, his mother, or his aunt.
The messenger had had to go no further than the door, he came back, followed by a man whom he introduced to Jurgis as "Comrade Ostrinski." Comrade Ostrinski was a little man, scarcely up to Jurgis's shoulder, wizened and wrinkled, very ugly, and slightly lame.
Just look at her husband--that tall, wizened Prussian there, with the stick in his hand.
The wind was so nipping that the ivy-leaves had become wizened and gray, each tapping incessantly upon its neighbour with a disquieting stir of her nerves.
Hayward had altered a little in appearance: his fine hair was thinner, and with the rapid wilting of the very fair, he was becoming wizened and colourless; his blue eyes were paler than they had been, and there was a muzziness about his features.
Rachel had just enough consciousness to suppose herself a donkey on the summit of a moor in a hail-storm, with its coat blown into furrows; then she became a wizened tree, perpetually driven back by the salt Atlantic gale.
Wizen the ashes were being gathered after the cremation people
The recently filmed successful attacks of the beetles on toads and frogs brought new insights on the amphibian-insect interactions, and documented the uncommon phenomenon of invertebrates preying on vertebrate animals," said Gil Wizen, the senior author of the research from Tel-Aviv University.
Wizen food near a home attracts wild mammals, it may lead to property damage or threats to humans.
Then, wizen you casually pass the old BF and his raccoon-eyed chickster, act indifferent.
Quote of the day ``There is a saying that when you are old you either widen or wizen. I have done both.''
Thinking he's got an idea of who the killer is, we follow as Davie's day unfolds - from furred fruit pastels and first kisses, to blazing gorse in flower and tall tales of buzzards told by wizened neighbours.
RAFA BENITEZ spent most of the transfer window moodily tugging on the wizened udder of his managerial cunning, and he's come up with 'get big lad who might head crosses into net'.
The book opens with a powerful portrait of a wizened Tubman, tired and worn from her decades of fighting for freedom.