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Synonyms for wizardly

having, brought about by, or relating to supernatural powers or magic

Synonyms for wizardly

possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers

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The simultaneous advent of the age of ICT is another catalyst to the rat race of humanity on the neo-liberalists' wizardly wheel, the greasing of which is irreversibly compromising the natural capital of the Home Planet.
The musical sets the bar high from the start with Annie and her fellow orphans racing through a rousing and rollicking Hard Knock Life - the child stars exhibiting wonderful vocal range and choreographed moves, a testament to the show's wizardly choreographer Nick Winston.
In his Pixar triumphs "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille," writer-director Brad Bird proved himself not just a wizardly storyteller but also an ardent champion of excellence--of intelligence, creativity and nonconformity--in every arena of human (and rodent) accomplishment.
There was also a spot of quidditch, the wizardly game played by Harry Potter - with the castle appearing as Hogwarts in the first two films, and all participants grabbed a broomstick to fly for Team England.
Wizardly support may not have clinched the Six Nations for Scotland - they are the team of choice for magical folk, according to J.K.
Mieville lovingly demolishes such commonplaces as the foretold (usually male) savior, the garrulous wizardly guide, and the deterministic meanings of prophecies and spells.
The annual Enchanted Parks event, which is fast growing into a Tyneside festive fixture, this year takes children - and children at heart - on a journey to find a new custodian for the wizardly world behind the usually closed gates.
Those living exemplars, as charismatic and clairvoyant as the Buddha walking unscathed on an open road: Roaring roshis, shamanic lamas, wizardly tulkus, and wonder-working arahants.
"We knew that the idea of adding a little surprise inside the card would deliver even more excitement to the holiday collection." For example, candy-filled plastic pumpkins come to life on paper with simple pop outs inside, or a wizardly owl waves his magic wand and the inside of the card contains text that literally leaps off the page.
Lemongrass acts like a magic wand, awarding everything it touches with a wizardly citrus aroma.
Hynes is also keen to help Solange realize her own vision, and on a chilly day at the start of the New Year, the two reunite in a midtown studio, accompanied by their wizardly bass player, DJ Ginyard, and a genial, bearded sound engineer.
He said that any concerns he had about bringing the wizard back to life vanished as soon as he slipped back into the wizardly robes - along with the beard, moustache and fake nose.
senators (such as Warren Rudman, the New Hampshire attorney general who hired him in 1972) and was the wizardly force behind the scenes in getting David Souter, his former AG office colleague, appointed to the U.S.
Though only a teenager, he shows great promise of becoming a powerful sorcerer, perhaps even the prophesied "Anointed One," but it seems the entire wizardly community is aligned against him.