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someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field

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TCS IT Wiz is one of the largest knowledge platform on IT.
I learned the hard and expensive way, but Biz Name Wiz helps others avoid the same mistake.
Wiz Khalifa plays Dubai Media City Amphitheatre on Friday from 7pm.
Entries have to be sent through the respective institutions on or before 22nd July to TCS IT Wiz Coordinator, Tata Consultancy Services, SJM Towers, #18 Sheshadri Rd, Gandhinagar, Bangalore - 560009.
Utilizing Wiz Compliance Dashboards, users can configure their view of CRA and fair lending data against standard or institution-specific compliance goals, visualize and monitor key performance indicators (KPI) as well as key risk indicators (KRIs), and drill into the underlying data for deeper analysis.
Keeping in view the education system in the UAE, the large expat population base, number of schools and the level of education, we strongly felt the need to extend the concept of TCS IT Wiz to the UAE region.
The Wiz is a soul musical based on The Wizard Of Oz.
22nd at 1:19 PM Inside his FADER cover story, Wiz Khalifa is caught buzz-handed getting cuddly with Amber Rose.
The Wiz was made famous in film by Michael Jackson and Diana Ross in the 70s.
The Wiz is a fast-paced musical which needs energy and passion to help bring it alive, but they managed to do just that.
Fur the record, Schnorbitz wiz only found guilty o' worryin' sheep and let aff when he pleaded insanity.
From left, Chris Kelly as the Tin Man, Kevin Hansen as the Lion, Robert Ochoa as the Scarecrow and Jessica Zumbado as Dorothy meet the Wizard of Oz, played by Joey Cressler, during a Wednesday rehearsal for Littlerock High School's production of "The Wiz.
Half of all New York City The Wiz electronics stores will be closed over the next two months.
British-breds enjoyed big-race successes on both sides of St George's Channel last week, thanks to Hollinwood Wiz (Blue Riband), Mega Delight (Corn Cuchulainn) and Pond Imogen (Northern Oaks), greyhounds whose breeding has been reviewed here previously.