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provide with a wife

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56) measured the actual extent to which wives used unit pricing, coupons, and lists, and the way they traveled the store aisles (Blaylock and Smallwood 1987; Joyce and Guiltinan 1978; Zeithaml 1985).
8) In these families, half of the wives were employed full time, 21 percent were employed part time, and 29 percent were not employed for pay, or, simply, not employed.
One of the wives is Nicky Scott, 43, originally from Talysarn, Dyffryn Nantlle.
Military Wives Choir member, Kerry Riva, emailed the school to lend her support: "I'm one of the military wives and have just seen your performance of our song on YouTube.
It found that, on average, wives spend more of their time at home doing housework while husbands have more leisure time.
Maznah said it was also the men's responsibility to teach their wives to be obedient.
Since only four wives are allowed as per the Shariah law, he would divorce one and marry someone more fertile.
By age group, the figure for wives aged 29 or younger stood at 47.
Only wives of members of the military who had been in active-duty service for at least 5 years were included in the study "to establish a recent mental health history.
1) Of the 4,996 uncircumcised HIV-negative men aged 18-49 recruited to participate in the trial, half were randomly assigned to the intervention group to be circumcised and half were assigned to the control group; approximately 800 HIV-negative wives of married participants from each group concurrently enrolled with their husbands were asked about symptoms of genital tract infections and tested for bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis at enrollment and again after one year.
This gathering of recipes, stories and vintage photos considers the history and unique contributions of the wives of America's military families, using a menu format for chapters pairing stories and recipes from different eras of history.
A Nigerian court has granted temporary reprieve to an 84-year-old Muslim preacher with 86 wives after local leaders threatened to force him to leave the area unless he divorced all but four of them.
Wawar and colleagues randomized more than 1,000 HIV-positive men to immediate or delayed (by 24 months) circumcision and asked the 770 men in the study who were married to invite their wives to participate.
YEAR 4 have been learning about Henry VIII and his six wives so they decided to challenge 'The Team' with some tricky questions
GURKHA wives based at a barracks near Nuneaton have received a massive response to a plea to provide them with sewing machines.