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provide with a wife

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Lots of wives are like this, they are fond of wearing pants whose colours are different from their bras, looking like a rainbow, with dirty pants, outdated underwear, the bra that looks like tarpaulin, wearing of boxers that are meant for men, wearing of knickers and tying of wrapper to bed.
One of the majors causes why police resort to corruption, why police resort to illegal means to score extra income is their wives.
And here in Cyprus, the three Military Wives Choirs of Episkopi, Akrotiri and Ayios Nikolaos frequently perform at remembrance or commemoration services, fairs and fetes and seasonal events: "Anywhere we can add a personal touch music-wise," Lucy explains.
For Tara, who has been singing with the Gutersloh Military Wives Choir since February, the choirs represent a really important part of military life as they provide the wives with an outlet.
As part of her tour, different military wives choirs will join her on every leg of the two month tour.
It didn't take long for these wives to figure out they needed a support group, so the Astronaut Wives Club came into being in 1966.
presided over a humiliating system of punishment that he referred to as "judgment," during which he would punish his wives and children for "impermissible thoughts" by raping them or perpetrating other sexual offenses against them, electrocuting them with a stun gun, whipping them with an electric cable, imprisoning them nude in utility closets, forcibly separating the women from their children and starving them.
According to Lucia Withers, head of ICTJ's Nepal office, "Enforced disappearances have an immeasurable impact on the wives of victims.
Couples should realize that transitioning into parenthood requires an adjustment period, and it is normal for husbands and wives to feel stressed, Galovan said.
According to Becker's theory of the allocation of time, wives who participate in the paid labor force place a higher marginal value on time available for household work than wives not employed for pay.
According to a report carried by Al-Watan Arabic daily on Saturday, Sulaiman's wives belonged to various nationalities and different age groups.
Objective:The present study aimed at examining psychological problems in wives of adults with substance abuse problem in comparison to wives of adults with no substance abuse problem.
The Wives and Gareth Malone's Wherever You Are has sold 450,000 copies, whereas the X Factor winners' Cannonball is now on 88,000 sales.
A SINGER in the Military Wives Choir is planning to sneak out of work on Christmas Day - to find out if their single is number one in the charts.