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with full knowledge and deliberation

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It rights the wrongs and omissions wittingly or unwittingly omitted and rectified,' said retired Justice Manuel 'Lolong' M.
Shehbaz Sharif has been wittingly accorded relief in Hudabiyia case, he said adding however, 'I will again take this case to the court.
Sahir Shamshad Mirza, gave a lengthy briefing on a wide-ranging issue relating to national security and then the Army Chief held three-hour long question- answer session during which he responded even to a number of tough questions from some Senators quite wittingly in a satisfactory manner.
We simply cannot afford these kinds of blunders involving tax payers money, whether they occur wittingly or unwittingly.
Readers of this journal will be particularly interested in the transnational components of the political marketplace in which aid, security cooperation, natural resources, peacekeeping, and law enforcement rents are all integrated into the local political economy and paid, wittingly or not, by foreign patrons, including Western governments that then decry failures of democratization or human rights protection in the region.
The Foreign Secretary told reporters: "I can't comment on any confidential report, but you are making a valid point about the role of other countries, governments or not, in funding, wittingly or not, groups that may be responsible for terrorism and in funding mosques where all sorts of hate-filled nonsense is being spouted.
Download Houry asserts state success wittingly handling Riyadh summit NNA - Future Parliamentary bloc MP, Ammar Houry, stressed on Monday the importance of having the Lebanese state "realistically" handle Riyadh summit's talks and agreements.
The political elite, he maintained, wittingly interfered in institutions using them for their whimsical designs.
History shall wittingly credit the strong character of our people who sacrificed and bore the brunt of the enemy and yet stood firm and aligned with the security forces for the total elimination of terrorists.
Four golden eagles are getting military training for combat against battery-charged drones that just about anybody can buy in a local store, and fly into security-sensitive zones such as presidential palaces, wittingly or not.
A Board of Deputies spokesperson said: "Either wittingly or not, Ms Madden has shared a post packed full with classic anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish money and power - all under the flimsy cover of substituting the name 'Rothschild' for 'Jew'.
TV news anchorman Eamonn Holmes has become the latest person to wittingly - or unwittingly - perpetuate the myth about the behaviour of fans during the 1989 tragedy, during coverage of West Ham supporters attacking the Manchester United team coach ahead of a match this week.
Drug smuggling relies on people like Love who are prepared to act as couriers, whether wittingly or unwittingly, and the penalties are rightly severe.
All it takes is one employee to click on one dodgy email attachment to compromise, either wittingly or unwittingly.
A combination of aggressive yet wittingly humorous lineup of Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Danny, Funny Man and Da Kurlzz is set to perform.