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Synonyms for witting

Synonyms for witting

aware or knowing

intentionally conceived


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As a result, the Navy has moved aggressively to prevent, deter, detect and mitigate threats from both witting and unwitting insiders.
The most notable example is Paget's outing of "witting" NSA-CIA operatives--who I found attending NFCUS meetings and were no doubt on the look-out for opportunities to have NFCUS act on behalf of the US government's Cold War goals.
And Lee Donaghy, Vice Principal of Park View School in Alum Rock, hit back at a damning Ofsted report by insisting the Trojan Horse controversy came from "plain old Islamaphobia, either witting or unwitting".
This history produced results both witting and unwitting and is labelled in this series as "the history of consequences."
By Kristin Witting, Senior Editor, Public Relations & Communications, ACDI/VOCA
Three iiber-dematerialized figures--perhaps the witting descendants, Elderfield suggests, of the Nereids in Rubens's Disembarkation at Marseilles, 1621-25--recede into the flatness of the ground, seemingly pure outline, "cutouts" a la late Matisse, save for the exquisite vagaries of the application of pigment, as red fades to pink, through which we see white.
The Birling son Eric was convincingly played by Jacob Rusling with just enough dim witting wastefulness of character.
It was a bit of a squeeze, with three teenagers witting in the back but we loved it and so did he for it was an exquisite machine and whenever we went abroad and stopped for petrol or food everyone would come out to see this incredible motor and long long bonnet to house the engine.
From left, Rachel White, Rob Lambert, Claire Freeman, Martin Bulless, Michelle Watt and Vicky Witting.
Hopingstone Lyngdoh, who has never given up on his dream for a separate Khasi-Jaintia state to be carved out of Meghalaya, has found Ardent and Witting in the Nongkrem and Mawthengkut constituencies to fulfil his dream for separate state.
Witting et al., "Casting single crystal silicon: novel defect profiles from BP solar's mono2 wafers," Diffusion and Defect Data B, vol.
The mean hematocrit level of patients in UGIB group in this study was 26.4%, while Witting et al.
Had he been in charge in 2003, Canada would have invaded Iraq along with Bush's "Coalition of the Witting." Now that he is in charge, he's hoping to invade Iran.