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Synonyms for witting

Synonyms for witting

aware or knowing

intentionally conceived


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Of those who were witting, 47 per cent wanted training in the whole gamut of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, white 18 per cent wanted training in diagnostic procedures only.
However, he added that investigators weren't sure whether they were witting accomplices or simply moving funds, as is common between Middle Eastern and Central Asian nationals who live in the US.
They are believed to have provided money to him, but investigators were not sure whether they were witting accomplices or simply moving funds, said the official.
There are also issues of poor quality raw materials entering the supply stream, witting or unwitting false labeling, exaggerated claims, borrowed science and product inconsistency, all of which worry doctors who utilize supplements in their clinical practices.
They are not native to Monti, but Herzfeld urges the reader to consider them as the vanguard, witting or not, of a professional and white-collar army that has targeted the territory for absorption into their genteel world.
The intent of that protective metal structure was to prevent the traffic of the numerous, the rather pied (though mainly in shades of gray) and disorganized tribe of the students irresistibly tempted to abridge their way from the bus station from Witting by penetrating fraudulently into the sacred area of the research on the stereospecific polymerization of isoprene rubber.
But when hidden forces with their hidden agendas go about manipulating things, pulling strings from behind, and if elements in the media or other distinguished places become witting or unwitting partners in this game, then it is not democracy being served or strengthened but intrigue and conspiracy.
In SENSINT, theater commanders and leaders of the intelligence community witting of the program could request a specific site in the Sino-Soviet Bloc be overflown and imaged, along with ample justification to support taking such a risk.
Special prize distribution ceremonies were also held in Multan, Karachi and Hyderabad in which winners of International letter witting competition were awarded cash prizes, postage stamp, albums and certificates of merit.
Judith Witting, a sales manager for Sprehe, said that she didn't know of the stereotype associating fried chicken with African Americans.
Remember what I said about being witting to be transparent, so that others will see that your motives for this re-engineering or change are honorable.
the Oslo Accords and the Israel-Jordan agreement, being witting of the results only upon their essential completion.
The section on legends from Shetland, in which mortal fiddle players feature as either witting or unwitting suppliers of music to fairy gatherings, occupies fully a third of the 154 text pages, but sits slightly uneasily with the more overtly historical analysis that precedes it.
Peters and Robin Barrow in the philosophy of education, he sees education as aimed at the free development of mind by way of a transfer of 'worthwhile' knowledge, in a manner that transforms the perspective of the individual subject to it while enlisting the subject as a willing, witting cooperator in it.