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the basic human power of intelligent thought and perception


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Regarding the correlation, bivariate analysis showed that the ANB and Wits were significantly correlated with an "r" value of 0.
WITS seeks to build a diverse speaker base that includes individuals who may not work directly in the travel industry.
A recurrent theme throughout is Freud's insistence on the complicity of the hearer of a joke: that wit needs an audience.
Contact Information for Wits Basin Precious Minerals Inc.
Wits Basin management believes these veins could produce even greater potential for ore than previously believed.
Wits Basin should have updated information within the next four weeks regarding the feasibility of a surface drilling program.
E[acute accent]About Wits Basin Precious Minerals Inc.
Vance White, CEO of Wits Basin stated, "This addition to our team only strengthens our ability to oversee this historic project.
This press release is available on the Wits Basin IR HUB for investor commentary, feedback and questions.
Wits Basin has retained the services of a consulting geologist with extensive Colorado experience specializing in the structural geology of vein deposits
After an exhaustive search of historical data, Wits Basin obtained an option to purchase the Bates-Hunter Gold Mine subject to the successful completion of de-watering and proof of adequate gold reserves.
Wits Basin wishes to create an efficient communication platform through a customized and monitored IR Hub hosted by AGORA.