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a box enclosure for a witness when testifying

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On Thursday, Miss Flounders entered the witness box in the packed courtroom wearing a black jacket over a light bluegrey top and black jeans.
A spokeswoman stressed it was still up to magistrates or judges whether to allow police to give evidence from the witness box in a particular case.
The trial has been running since January but yesterday Nadir entered the witness box for the first time and told how he had built up the Polly Peck company from humble beginnings in 1980.
Talking to reporters here, Swamy said: "I am very pleased today, because the judge began his order by saying, I am allowing your application, then he said, but you will have to appear on the witness box first and explain the case, why you want to have Mr.
A RAPIST who taunted his victim in the witness box for three days is suing the Prison Service for infringing HIS human rights.
Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker has called for the ex-aide to return to the witness box and explain "discrepancies" between his comments to the jury and others attributed to him in the Sun newspaper.
Tracy, played by Kate Ford, sobs in the witness box in a series of pictures released yesterday.
I could have sat in the witness box and answered Miss Moret's questions most of the afternoon.
He or she should stnd in the witness box when the jury is being seated and when they are excused.
There are IBM PCs running as display computers, a Pentium 90 serving as the central computer, and two additional screens that are exclusively for display purposes -- one on the witness box and the other for counsel.
THE sex abuse trial of television weatherman Fred Talbot, from Greater Manchester, has resumed after his plunge from the witness box.
She added: "The only witness who has no idea what might be coming when they are in the witness box or what they will be cross examined on is the victim - the most vulnerable party in the court room.
As a result his face frequently fell below a small flat screen TV in the witness box, making it difficult for the jury to see him.
A FATHER accused of killing his six children in a house fire collapsed and sobbed in the witness box as a court heard a 999 call made by him and his wife as the blaze took hold.