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  • verb

Synonyms for withstand



  • give way to
  • succumb to
  • give in to
  • surrender to
  • yield to
  • capitulate to
  • relent to

Synonyms for withstand

to oppose actively and with force


Synonyms for withstand

References in classic literature ?
At last the green men could withstand the onslaught of overwhelming numbers no longer.
He roared encouragement and commands at his battling utans, and then, as they charged further and further from the Thuria, he could no longer withstand the lure of battle.
I made sure the Argive heroes could not withstand us, whereas like slim-waisted wasps, or bees that have their nests in the rocks by the wayside--they leave not the holes wherein they have built undefended, but fight for their little ones against all who would take them--even so these men, though they be but two, will not be driven from the gates, but stand firm either to slay or be slain.
For my weapons are Truth and Right, and no man can withstand them.
Come to me, then," the Buli answered, "for my weapon is only a poor miserable club, and, as you say, it cannot withstand you.
It must be either that you think she is essentially so vicious, or so feeble-minded, that she cannot withstand temptation, - and though she may be pure and innocent as long as she is kept in ignorance and restraint, yet, being destitute of real virtue, to teach her how to sin is at once to make her a sinner, and the greater her knowledge, the wider her liberty, the deeper will be her depravity, - whereas, in the nobler sex, there is a natural tendency to goodness, guarded by a superior fortitude, which, the more it is exercised by trials and dangers, is only the further developed - '
Yes, of course,' replied I, determined to be as provoking as herself; 'for when a lady does consent to listen to an argument against her own opinions, she is always predetermined to withstand it - to listen only with her bodily ears, keeping the mental organs resolutely closed against the strongest reasoning.
One of these, for a moment, tempted me with such singular intensity that, to withstand it, I must have gripped my little girl with a spasm that, wonderfully, she submitted to without a cry or a sign of fright.
A republic of this kind, able to withstand an external force, may support itself without any internal corruptions.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of 1)"O" Ring (Toridal Sealing Ring To Bp 7240199 Material Nitrile Rubber With Shore Hardness 70 +/- 5 To Withstand Working Pr.
They found that before cereal gets soggy, it briefly becomes tougher, or able to withstand more force.
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has urged the national government to put up permanent and structurally strong evacuation centers that could withstand powerful calamities in various parts of the country.
Stonclad G2 is a four component, polyurethane system which incorporates 25% post industrial recycled glass and rapidly renewable, bio-based material, designed specifically to withstand harsh environments.
Global Banking News-August 14, 2013--Fitch says Canadian banks can withstand housing downturn(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Dubai: The civic authorities on Wednesday issued new rules asking all new projects to raise the threshold of buildings to withstand earthquake tremors up to 5.