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Synonyms for withhold

Synonyms for withhold

to hold oneself back

to have and maintain in one's possession

to be unwilling to grant

Synonyms for withhold

retain and refrain from disbursing


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Normally, all employer pays half (7.65%) of FICA and withholds the other half from the employee's wages, under IRC sections 3101(a) and (b) and 3111(a) and (b).
In the second case, the Canadian purchaser has superior bargaining power and withholds the tax from a non-resident lacking a PE in Canada.
* If the transferee withholds the alternative amount or does not withhold because the alternative amount is zero, the transferee must provide written notice to the IRS by the 20th day following the final determination by a court or trustee in a foreclosure action.
(15) Accordingly, nonresidents may find that they are not subject to an income tax return filing requirement in certain nonresident states where they work, despite the fact that their employer withholds wages on income earned in that state as a result of its nexus with the taxing state.
Hastings withholds Federal income tax and FICA and pays FUTA on the excess amount, and reports it as taxable wages on Sally's Form W-2.
1.83-6(a)(2) holds that an employer is only allowed a deduction under Sec: 83(h) if it withholds income tax under Sec.