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Synonyms for withering

Synonyms for withering

any weakening or degeneration (especially through lack of use)


Related Words

wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction

making light of

References in classic literature ?
It sounded as if you were praying," she said bravely, but she felt herself inside to be withering and shrinking.
Very well, sir,' said Squeers, darting a withering look at the culprit.
So in hybrids themselves, there are some which never have produced, and probably never would produce, even with the pollen of either pure parent, a single fertile seed: but in some of these cases a first trace of fertility may be detected, by the pollen of one of the pure parent-species causing the flower of the hybrid to wither earlier than it otherwise would have done; and the early withering of the flower is well known to be a sign of incipient fertilisation.
Then indeed I have felt ashamed of the fewness of my wants; but only for a moment, and only under the withering influence of the eyeglass; for, after all, the owner's spirit is the same spirit as that which dwells in my servants--girls whose one idea of happiness is to live in a town where there are others of their sort with whom to drink beer and dance on Sunday afternoons.
No eloquence could have been so withering to one's belief in mankind as his final burst of sincerity.
Pott's scorn had been roused by a newspaper headed the Eatanswill INDEPENDENT, this gentleman's withering contempt was awakened by a newspaper entitled the Eatanswill GAZETTE.
It's a pretty custom you have in this part of the country," they say to me sometimes, "to plant the graves, but it's melancholy to see these things all withering or dead.
LIPSERVICE - Britain's favourite literary lunatics, are back with their cult Bronte spoof Withering Looks.
Preview: Withering Looks Borough Theatre, Abergavenny
Daniel Gallie and colleagues found that the leaves of reduced-ethylene plants remained green longer than normal plants, and that reducing a plant's ethylene production postponed withering and maintained leaf function.
This can cause simple foliage withering or more serious damage where more extensive dieback occurs.
The 'lunatics' made numerous contributions to society, with Withering making his mark in drug development.
Heart medication One of the best medicines for the treatment of heart diseases was discovered in Birmingham by Dr William Withering in 1775.
There is one module for each unit operation in a full-scale factory, and some units can share operations -- such as withering and fermenting.
William Withering had a fair idea of what his posthumous reputation would rest upon.