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a method of birth control in which coitus is initiated but the penis is deliberately withdrawn before ejaculation

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The withdrawal method and condoms are some of the least effective forms of birth control.
More than 30% of participants were aware of rhythm or withdrawal method, and only 6.2% were aware of lactational amenorrhea.
In this study, feed withdrawal method of moulting was practiced.
Choosing the right withdrawal method, then, becomes just as important as choosing the right accumulation method.
Pregnancy had been concluded normally in 78(58.2%)women with an unwanted pregnancy and 34(35.8%)preferred the withdrawal method for contraception.
Furthermore, intermittent feeding (1 h feed: 3 h feed restriction cycles in 24 h) was found to be a better technique for improving feed efficiency as compared to feed withdrawal method (8 h continuous feed restriction/24 h).
Around 36 (11.7%) were using condoms as the contraceptive method, just 4 (1.3%) practiced withdrawal method for contraception.
Can we expect a human life to come about if the husband chooses outside instead of inside (withdrawal method), if only to deter an unwanted birth?
A study comparing attitudes toward withdrawal and OC use among withdrawal method users in Iran has shown that worries about side-effects, need for medical advice, physical examinations, daily use, and husband preferences keep women from changing to OCs (7).
Yet 16 per cent thought "the withdrawal method" was safe and six per cent believed menstruation prevents pregnancy.
A total of 16% of boys and girls said they believed the "withdrawal method" was an effective form of contraception.
save the withdrawal method." Another (a black male, age 23), explaining his use of withdrawal, said, "I don't want to call it [a] contraceptive, but that's the last option you have to using a condom to prevent a pregnancy."
In the distribution phase, there are four methods: Annuitization, Withdrawal Method, Withdrawal Method with a lifetime Income Protector, and the Time Segmented Method.
Heather Evans, a senior Merrill Lynch Wealth Management advisor, says the Framework replaces the systematic withdrawal method for retirement income.
Toosey Blue, another to depart the Scottish Derby via the withdrawal method, runs this track superbly and cannot be easily ignored.