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Synonyms for with-it

being or in accordance with the current fashion

Synonyms for with-it

in accord with the most fashionable ideas or style

having the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment

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Nevertheless, a well-conducted, successful campaign could generate goodwill in your community and convey the image that your library is a with-it, happening place.
Apart from some reference to superfast broadband and the open data line, which emerged from an informal press briefing on the Smart City Vision, the document spends a lot of time saying very little - albeit with a few hackneyed IT platitudes, many of which are laid out on the third page alongside the logos for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, just to show how with-it the council is.
Three weeks later, I am still sleeping without the aid of medication and feel like a new, and much more with-it, woman.
If you have time to take a taxi about 15 minutes to lunch while wheeling and dealing with Canary Wharf contacts, head for the section of the Docklands closest to the City, the refurbished Butlers Wharf on the very with-it south side of the Thames.
A savvy, with-it company, UjENA has a variety of promotional and networking venues, including UjENA TV, on which shoppers can view on-demand videos of models wearing selections of UjENA's women's swimwear.
The people perpetrating the hoax didn't believe it for a minute, but it sounded good during chic dinner parties--not such as mine, but where rich, with-it elites met to discuss the theater, politics, and rising crime.
Laugh-out-loud humor punctuates her clear-eyed musings about family and relationships, narrated in a perceptive, analytical, with-it voice, clearly not the voice of a psychopath but rather a perceptive teen with the gift of seeing things for what they are and coping with reality no matter how much those around her are off in their own worlds.
To grab audience attention and to make people accept the Bigg Boss brand of entertainment as being with-it required a 360- degree marketing initiative.
But any stimulus would likely motivate these with-it college seniors.
Many proponents of semiconductor chips also presumed that what you worked at determined whether, in your outlook, you would be a dunce (producing potato chips) or a "with-it" modernist (producing semiconductor chips).
best music Reading And Leeds Festival (BBC Two Wales, Friday, 11.35pm) THE festival season is drawing to a close and those of you not thoroughly sick of interchangeable indie bands playing in the middle of cow fields to barely with-it students then this bank holiday line-up of music should be just the thing for you.
I can truly say that it is India's most exciting, fun, savvy and with-it music and entertainment magazine.
This makes the worldly and with-it Radosh quite the outsider as he dives into the decidedly un-hip universe of Evangelical pop culture--a world that is, above all, determined to be neither secular nor elite.
Today's with-it 'rents think twice before exposing their child to--pay attention here, this gets complicated--this following impromptu periodic table of hazardous materials: