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"The character has been written very bravura." With its folk dance-based steps and dazzling jumps, it has always been a crowd-pleaser.
Yeah, but getting a board, did they surprise you with it, or did you know when and where it was coming out?
We did massive damage to the Iraqi maneuver units to the point that in the interviews later the people who were down there said we just walked away from our equipment because we knew if we stayed with it it was going to be hit.
He represents Serbia, taking on the name Gavrilo the Great front Gavrilo Princip (the man who killed the Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914), and with it he takes on that nation's sadness at having begun the chain of events that led to the First World War.
It's a box which appears to support most of the pages on the site so you put up with it. Fed up with this, you hit the Back button, click on the aforementioned grottesque picture and up comes a welcome page and a 'textual map of the site'.
Harness your company's knowledge before it walks out the door -- and takes your business with it.
If we can't discuss the problem of violence in the United States theologically, I don't think we're ever going to deal with it adequately.
Another barrier is that if it's not going to show them instant returns they won't go with it. But your main barrier is going to be cultural -- people saying, "I don't have time to be a subject matter expert and have people phone me asking: how can you make this easier?" And that's where communicators come in.
I think alienation always comes up in our work somehow-we almost take it for granted, because we're so familiar with it, it's such a constant.
I grew up with it. I was certainly comforted by it, inspired by it, excited by it.
Religion's an issue because you sort of grow up with it. We have people here in the UK throwing their weight around--this horrible, bland, terrifying insurgency.
The reason is that we went out and bought the three programs before we decided what we were going to do with it. That's why it is.
If she says, "Sure, go ahead and date him," but her body language suggests she's not at all cool with it, back off.
Now it's take 5,000 square feet and figure out how you're going to live with it.