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A woman kills men during orgasm to find out if she can get away with it.
They're virtually unaccountable, and the media simply run with it because these days the criminal-justice system is a system run on sound-bites and throw-away lines.
It was my first performance with the Ballet Russe--other people did the role, but I became associated with it, and when Danilova started dancing it [the role of the Glove-Seller], it was the beginning of a long partnership.
I mean, I like doing what I do, becoming another person and doing roles, so being famous kind of comes along with it.
2) That same data is now growing so fast that a high percentage of IT resources are spent trying to figure out how to deal with it.
Now it's finally happening, but because I lived with it for six months back then, I feel like I'm retracing my steps.
We had some friction at the start, especially with IT, because we had a vision of what we wanted and IT was trying to provide us a system they wanted, but the two plans didn't meet.
Adams: I find that I do not align with any well-established political viewpoint that has a name associated with it.
Rich: For people to have a good time with it is wonderful.
There's so much there that you have to dig through to find it, and in the process you have to interact with it - just like you have to hear the music over and over.