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being or having the character of witchcraft

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In light of this, another so-called tradition concerning Anne, this time in Essex, that 'memories of her witchlike characteristics, including her aversion to church bells', still lingered, is also suspect.
(9) Instead of a community self-righteously projecting all evil onto a single person to be killed, the new Christian message requires an endorsement that each of us has sinful (and witchlike) sentiments that must be acknowledged and repented of.
These novels present life-threatening, petrifying and witchlike Lilith behaviour.
As noted by journalist Bruce Lee Gallanter, "Tanya uses her voice in odd ways, twisting and bending it into shapes not so easy to describe." Indeed, the sounds emitting from Tagaq's throat have been characterized in a multitude of ways--"animalistic," "raw," "unbridled," "erotic," "witchlike," "sort of exorcist," "crying little girl / scary old woman," and "language of friendly alien."
Throughout this toweringly tedious tripe, circus-of-cruelty ringmaster Gok cackled with witchlike laughter and called everyone "my darling".
Queen Gertrude in Shakespeare's Hamlet has been described as a stereotypical demonic woman filled with evil and even witchlike qualities.
Another wonderful set is the indoor swimming pool, a corpse floating in the midst, with the witchlike wife (who has engineered the murder) staring out from a lifeguard chair.
Lost, hungry and frightened in the dark woods, she is befriended by an elfen king, who gives her a powerful lamp to take to her witchlike friend, Maudella.
Urbanova's latest triumph was the role of Wagner's Kundry: she hardly ever gets to leave the stage during the National Theatre production, and within the complex layers of the reformed sinner, from witchlike ferality to devoted repentance, she manages to maintain the intensity of the inner tension throughout the performance, both as a singer and actor.
However witchlike her appearance, with darkly circled eyes and unkempt curly black hair, Auntie Maggie, his frail little wife, was kind and gentle.
This particular work he intended for the general reader, covering the ways the image of the witch grew from ideas about heresy and the anachrist, the means by which witches worship, the complex relationships of witches and their familiars as well as both with demons, the development of the sabbat and rituals, the many roles of the witch or witchlike in holy writ, the relationship between diabolic possession and modern spiritualism, and, for better or worse, the place of the witch in drama.
The Quetzal and Jaguar tiles in ranch house kitchen show us early in the novel Zeta and Lecha's connections with the people's history, despite the atmosphere of criminality and the witchlike symbols that surround them.
Her witchlike mother had regaled her with stories of the "savage glories," "barbarous fights and savage feasting" of her Malay kinsmen which to Nina's mind "seemed at last preferable to the sleek hypocrisy, to the polite disguises, to the virtuous pretences of such white people as she had had the misfortune to come in contact with" (Almayer's 42-43).
The time-travelling adventures include Smith And Jones, The Shakespeare Code in which the Doctor ventures to Elizabethan England, where the bard is spellbound by witchlike creatures, and Gridlock.
The Doctor takes Martha to Elizabethan England, where they discover William Shakespeare is under the control of sinister witchlike creatures and are immediately thrown into a battle to stop history being changed forever.