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Joscelyn said a "witches' brew" of three basic elements now creates fertile ground in Libya for the establishment of a safe haven, which include those dispatched by Al Qaeda senior leadership in Pakistan; the Al Qaeda affiliate in North Africa known as Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb; and local militias which are sympathetic to Al Qaeda and led by former Guantanamo detainee Abu Sufian Ben Qumu, the report said.
In addition to ghosts, ghouls, gizzard-eating zombies and presidential candidates, "little person" extraordinaire Mini Gaga (aka Terra Jole) will sweeten the witches' brew with a series of bite-size pop morsels that even a monster could love.
? BAREFOOT'S WITCHES' BREW 2 cups Barefoot Merlot, 1 cup blackberry syrup, 1.5 cups cranberry juice, 1/2 cup fresh lime juice Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
"Witches' brew in your punch bowl can be a deadly weapon at the end of the night," Morrissette said.
Flit to Ty Mawr Country Park for a dose of Halloween Happenings on October 27, or head to Pili Palas for a scary spider hunt, pumpkin-making sessions, apple bobbing, a special Witches' Brew menu, and, at the bewitching hour (4pm), a haunted lantern parade to the Creepy Cavern.
"We are a special group of creative and supportive women--some old and some new friendships," says Barbara Carter, who hosted the 'witches' brew" luncheon at her Canebrake neighborhood home.
You can choose from an array of drinks like the muddy swamp sangria, the potent zombie, the smooth ghost whisper and the witches' brew at F Bar & Lounge, Hotel Ashok, Chanakyapuri.
Director Jeffrey Skidmore has the enviable gift of concocting a witches' brew of fascination in his programming, and it would be interesting to know whether the chicken or the egg came first here.
It's a witches' brew of mistakes that includes the AOL-Time Warner's failed attempt at synergy; Motorola Inc.'s $5 billion misadventure into satellite phone technology; and Eastman Kodak Co.'s insistence on staying the course in film despite clear signals that digital photography was the future.
Reinsurers undoubtedly will be considering a witches' brew of global economic woes--the fallout from the U.S.
While the nation's largest banks continue to reel from the sub-prime mortgage collapse, banks coast to coast have another witches' brew in the making.
What King and Mason find in that troubled, unstable, and impoverished Balkan statelet (which is legally part of Serbia but under international occupation, now inching painfully toward independence) is a witches' brew of nationalism, corruption, and criminality that bodes ill for the future of Kosovo and surrounding states.
At one of Borden's biggest plants, in Geismar, Louisiana (home of BCP), according to Time magazine, a "witches' brew of toxic chemicals" descended not once, but several times.
Its clash between Islamic fundamentalism and leftover Soviet totalitarian dictators, plus its special witches' brew of tribal feuds and a Caspian Sea oil rush made it as fascinating as it was scary."
Salt Dreams: Land and Water in Low-Down California by William deBuys and Joan Myers (University of New Mexico Press, $35) unveils the utter folly (and bizarre loveliness) of the waterworks on the lower Colorado River that created the Salton Sea, a "witches' brew ...