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searching out and harassing dissenters

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As a result, the President explained that 'We have now had to devise particular responses and mechanisms (to the cry of witch-hunting).
So when editors at Viking asked him to write another book on witch-hunting, this time aimed at a general readership, Demos took the bait.
Discussing witch-hunting as a global phenomenon, at the end of Caliban and the Witch (2004), and commenting on the witch-hunts that have taken place in Africa and other parts of the world in the 1980s and 1990s, I expressed my concern that these persecutions were rarely reported in Europe and the U.S.
A dramatic exception was the year 1430, which alone reports no execution of witches in what was otherwise an almost continuous frenzy of witch-hunting during the decade of 1427-1436, because that single year saw "no climatic extreme events." Further, Behringer points to the frequent accusations of witches indulging in weather magic that was responsible for "unnatural weather," which destroyed crops and drove grain prices up, despite the official teaching of theologians who rejected popular beliefs in weather magic.
While the witch-hunting craze has been linked by many modern commentators to a general outburst of misogyny, in this issue Robert Thurston suggests that hatred of women was by no means universal through the witch-hunting period, and relates the relatively small number of influential writings on this subject in the fifteenth century to key theological debates about the nature of the devil and about the nature of womanhood--debates which saw many writers, male as well as female, spring to the defence of women.
As George Clooney makes clear in this issue's cover story, the famous "Have you no sense of decency?" retort fired at witch-hunting senator Joseph McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954 had a very specific context: The red-baiter had named as a Communist sympathizer a young associate of the Army's lead attorney, Joseph Welch, and Welch let him have it.
The craze they led 'did not mark the height of witch-hunting: it was the final act'.
Second, James' involvement with witch-hunting came after he had already succeeded in breaking free of both Mary and Elizabeth.
On this matter of witch-hunting, I was startled to see The Nation solemnly listing the Anti-Defamation League as an informational resource, back in its issue of May 22, and bannering an absurd piece on June 19 by Daniel Levitas, who writes as if he's just learned of the A.D.L.'s reactionary project.
Wolfgang Behringer is a leading historian of witch-hunting, whose work has focused especially on Germany but has been influential in witchcraft studies throughout Europe.
Andrews U.), when the greatest spurt of witch-hunting in the country began in 1658.
Witches, witchcraft, and witch-hunting fascinated and continue to fascinate historians of the middle ages and early modern period.
Disquisitionum magicarum is organized according to the scholastic model of questions, examined through a combination of logic, theology, and anecdote, and it formulates a powerful case for witch-hunting. In short, Del Rio's book is of exceptional importance for anyone interested in early modern witchcraft and magic.
A chapter on the Reformation not only presents a masterful summary of the main developments of the early Reformation but also introduces two related themes that linked the Reformation to witch-hunting: the growth of apocalyptic thought and the related fear of demonic conspiracies.