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someone who identifies and punishes people for their opinions

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Powell's sequel to Burn Mark (Bloomsbury, 2012/VOYA December 2012) continues the saga of the unlikely partnership of the scion of a family of witch-hunters and the descendent of notorious witch criminals.
ONE of the most virulent of the media witch-hunters is Michael Crick, the Robespierre of Newsnight.
The picture that emerges throws a light on the intimate and family life of many individuals across the social spectrum, and illustrates women's piety in a manner far removed from the vitriolic abuse heaped on women by the few misogynistic witch-hunters.
To explain why witch-hunters in Portugal during the 16th and 17th centuries were not as zealous as their contemporaries in northern Europe, and what social function witch trials served when they were held, he begins by constructing a basic framework of commonly held Portuguese beliefs, particularly concerning magical practitioners, and how these ideas shaped witchcraft trials.
If the Rosenbergs are executed, it will be a great victory for the witch-hunters and war-makers.