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searching out and harassing dissenters

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From the moment the AKP began distancing itself from Ekrem Dumanly and any press close to the GE-len movement, the first real signals of the dimensions of this witch-hunt were given.
Attorney-general Costas Clerides gave the go-ahead for the confiscation of the hard-drives, because of the political witch-hunt that President Anastasiades was also participating in.
King apparently decided that Islam is to be the scapegoat for America's ills; and he is now on a witch-hunt for Muslims to burn.
Decker first became aware of this papal attitude toward possession when he discovered a correspondence with the Vatican regarding a witch-hunt in the German city of Paderborn in 1656-57.
Discussing witch-hunting as a global phenomenon, at the end of Caliban and the Witch (2004), and commenting on the witch-hunts that have taken place in Africa and other parts of the world in the 1980s and 1990s, I expressed my concern that these persecutions were rarely reported in Europe and the U.
There should not be a witch-hunt in schools because of people's political views.
In the last phase of the European witch-hunt, prosecutions focused increasingly on children instead of old women, regardless of their social status.
In 1951, during the McCarthy witch-hunt, Donald Webster Cory's hardcover book The Homosexual in America appeared, the first in America with that word in its title, "so people will have to say it to purchase a copy or check it out at a library," he once told me.
Its constantly expanding role was a tribute to the genius of the Republican right and its ability to persuade millions of Americans that Starr's mission wasn't the witch-hunt it truly was.
All are enfolded into a dreamy parade of memories--and so, with biting irony, are sequences depicting a McCarthy-esque homosexual witch-hunt, Arenas's trumped-up arrest for "molestation," and a brutal spell of solitary confinement in El Morro.
Wertham inspired a congressional witch-hunt that killed EC's famous horror series.
His call prompted a strong denial of a witch-hunt against McCoy.
One interpretive tradition, originating in the 19th century and reasserted by historians in our own, assigns Parris a considerable role in causing the witch-hunt.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an's defense, with his unique self-confidence, of his discourse, which has undertones of a witch-hunt against the Fethullah GE-len movement, has not surprised anybody, though many people have found it odd.