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searching out and harassing dissenters

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'We believe that NAB should never be used for political witch-hunt,' he added.
"That's not a witch-hunt, it's not moralising, it really does have to happen."
Subsequent reprisals against the perpetrators of these witch-hunts, collectively known as the "Ninja" phenomenon, are duly noted in the book but are not its main focus.
Archival research has redrawn the chronology of the witch-hunts, which did not begin in earnest until the Renaissance and peaked in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.
The Bihar state passed anti witch-hunt laws in 1999.
Witch-Hunt and Conspiracy examines the oBanyuwangi Incidento of 1998, also known as the oBanyuwangi Caseo or the oNinja Case,o which occurred in Java, Indonesia, during which 100 killings took place.
What we are seeing now, though, is that this never-ending witch-hunt has gotten deeper with the AKP.
It was a disgraceful claim, which supported the theory of a witch-hunt. The list had been prepared by the Bank of Cyprus and the governor requested a copy after she had read of its existence in a newspaper, but any talk of 'blackmail' was pure fantasy.
CONGRESS chief Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday accused the NDA government of indulging in a witch-hunt after the party received a notice from the income tax department in a case related to the now defunct National Herald newspaper.
His lawyer Stephen Vullo said there is no justice in hounding Travis, 68, about alleged sex abuse "to make us feel better about missing Savile" and added: "This has been a bit of a witch-hunt."
Writing witch-hunt histories; challenging the paradigm.
Sources have informed that besides government officials, private institutions were also been monitored for their possible ties; while all activists of Hezb-al-Tehreer have been known to have gone underground in wake of the witch-hunt.
"Accountability should not become a witch-hunt or an organised campaign to malign or defame a respected and popular national institution like the Pakistan army," the PML-Q leader said, adding that it was also wrong to involve the judiciary in all issues.
If it happens that the chosen scapegoat has multiple numbers, the next step can become a witch-hunt.
The Dominicans and Franciscans who staffed this institution compiled a remarkably lenient record in prosecuting witches, especially after the death of the intolerant Pope Paul IV in 1559, just as the European witch-hunt was entering its most intense phase.