witch elm

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Eurasian elm often planted as a shade tree

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'But it was looked at by the Commissioner for Monuments in Wales who was a specialist in wood and he examined it and said it was exactly the right size and shape for a Mazer Bowl [medieval vessel], it was Witch Elm and it was 14th- Century.'
"The Witch Elm: a Novel" by Tana French, Viking, 528 pages
This time, however, she's left the police to work behind closed doors and introduces her first stand-alone novel, "The Witch Elm."
There is also more modern music with the Ensemble Intercontemporaine and a threeway collaboration with BCMG, Almedia Opera and the Aldeburgh Festival on Simon Holt's new opera, Who Put Bella in the Witch Elm?
The world under Ferabek is described in terms reminiscent of Blake's Jerusalem: his followers "despoiled the lush valley of the Dinastor, razing the forests and fields to make room for noisome, fuming smithies and forges, befouling the air and water." In contrast is the description of Lammermorn, the last stronghold to fall before Ferabek: "Sweeping down to the shore on either side of them were witch elms and sugar maples.