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someone who is believed to heal through magical powers

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However, according to John Champion, the Ecuador squad don't have a problem finding a Witch Doctor.
To strengthen the spell, Jackson went to another witch doctor and 'paid six figures for a ritual cleansing using sheep's blood' and the sacrifice of another 42 cows, the report said.
Somali women, like some sort of witch doctors, are often brought in by families to do the cutting with razors on young girls." A Somalian man, in his 30s, was arrested on Thursday in Crumlin, Dublin, and was subsequently released without charge.
CASTING A SPELLCheik Tiote has been to a witch doctor to try to heal his kneen
JOSE MOURINHO has denied visiting a witch doctor in Kenya and insists the rumours are just mumbo jumbo.
SHE is no witch doctor, but her medicines work like magic.
ANYONE know the telephone number of an African witch doctor?
There are six different routines which the children have learned to songs including 'Witch Doctor' and 'YMCA'.
Another witch doctor, Sheikh Muhamed, who offered a cure for pounds 460, flatly denied he had claimed to clear people of the deadly disease.
If you could follow the high-jinx from mummified bodies in a London apartment block, through a Caribbean witch doctor, a Madonna-style pop star and her Mafioso manager, a Snatch-style London mobster, a glamorous TV presenter, Spencer's missing father and, most bizarrely of all, a laughably confusing cameo by Ken Russell, then you're obviously the scriptwriter.
Wenger played down his own role in his team's first away success in the competition in 19 months, insisting: ``I'm not a witch doctor, I'm just a football coach.''
The action follows a young apprentice witch doctor who discovers, while reading the bones, that he is soon to be married.
Visitors now flock to see this witch doctor and his flowing tresses in his shanty home in Mon-Ngor village on a hilltop in Maetang district in northern Thailand.
South Africa's footballers have their own witch doctor - and he's French!, writes STEVE ROYCE.
Police in Migori have launched a manhunt for a Tanzania witch doctor who identified two arson suspects before their lynching on Tuesday.