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someone who is believed to heal through magical powers

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After collecting the money and her pictures, the witch doctor told her that he wanted to have sex with her, said the woman.
According to the police, one of the arrested persons include Misiria Puran, the witch doctor who is alleged to have branded the women "witches" and blamed the women for the death of a woman at the village.
The anti-trafficking agency has also engaged some local witch doctors as its ambassadors to join in the fight against human trafficking, particularly in the area of oath-taking which traffickers use as a powerful tool to hold their victims captive.
Thus begins a long, complicated investigation, in which Kubu is assisted by the first female CID detective, a case that expands when another witch doctor turns up murdered and a visiting anthropologist from the United States goes missing.
Daniel Taabu and Alfred Misala were part of the crowd which turned up to witness the witch doctor, identified as Ogwang, performance.
I saw the witch doctor for four days - two hours a day It's a spiritual thing," said Tuilagi, who was born in Samoa.
After the treatment by witch doctors failed, Tirke's family stopped talking to him and locked him up to avoid embarrassment as Tirke endured excruciating pain.
by Staff reporter The witch doctor has been promoting his love potions online via social media and is encouraging Omanis to contact him for spells and cure-alls-- at a price.
I WAS overseas in Africa, 'Twas very dark and dank, When I chanced upon this witch doctor Who said his name was Frank.
London, June 05 ( ANI ): A Ghanaian witch doctor has reportedly claimed responsibility for Cristiano Ronaldo's knee injury that is threatening the striker's participation at the World Cup with his national team, Portugal.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Cristiano Ronaldo will miss the forthcoming World Cup because of an aACAyincurable injury' caused by an influential Ghanaian witch doctor.
I would have got better treatment from a witch doctor in the African jungle.
A CONMAN who posed as a witch doctor has lost PS10,000 he claimed was to be used for human sacrifices in Africa.
But he was dumbfounded when the player told him it was on the advice of a witch doctor who has warned him he would put a curse on an African village if he returned to QPR.
Superstitious neighbour Mrs Tafa (Harriet Manamela) intervenes by inviting a witch doctor to cleanse the house, determined to hide the truth from the rest of the community who will shun Chanda and her mother once they learn the truth.