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My focus on Gilman's engagement of the colonial revival, however, results in new and very different conclusions about what the wall-paper and its yellow color signify as well as about how Gilman figured white racial identity and national belonging in both "The Yellow Wall-Paper" and "The Giant Wistaria." Third, this contextualization of Gilman's work allows us to see how regionalist concerns informed her early literary production and her feminism.
Rosa speaks of seeds and roots, "twice-bloomed" wistaria, and blossoms.
Residential and respite units at Wistaria Lodge, The Grange and Broad Park House;
Like "verisimilitude," the parenthetical phrase in this passage is delayed and displaced from its expected syntactic position as a modifier of "him." Faulkner does not rely on typography alone to create parenthetical intrusions; in the following passage (to which I will also return), a repeated phrase functions as a parenthetical mark: (11) Once there was--Do you mark how the wistaria, sun-impacted on this wall here, distills and penetrates this room as though (light-unimpeded) by secret and attritive progress from mote to mote of obscurity's myriad components?
In 1902, for example, she published stories in Smart Set (three in the first five months of the year), Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly, the Metropolitan Magazine, and Harper's Monthly; she also published an article on Japanese drama in the Critic and her third novel, The Wooing of Wistaria. (3) Of the works listed in this checklist, only the novel, the article, and two of the stories ("Eyes that Saw Not" and "A Contract") were known previously.
I saw him on Friday, January 9, 1998, after seeing him two years before in a children's home, Wistaria Lodge in Earlsdon Avenue South, and two years before that at the same children's home.
The decay is pervasive--the wistaria, for instance, extends its vines to Quentin's Harvard dorm, infects him, and even infuses a kind of syntactic torpor into the line:
There would be the dim coffin-smelling gloom sweet and oversweet with the twice-bloomed wistaria against the outer wall by the savage quiet September sun impacted distilled and hyperdistilled, into which came now and then the loud cloudy flutter of the sparrows like a flat limber stick whipped by an idle boy, and the rank smell of female old flesh long embattled in virginity while the wan haggard face watched him above the faint triangle of lace at wrists and throat from the too tall chair in which she resembled a crucified child....
Wistaria Lodge, in Earlsdon Avenue South, reopened four months ago following an extensive refurbishment to bring it up to scratch with new government guidelines.
The decay is pervasive--the wistaria, for instance, extends its vines to Quentin's Harvard dorm, infects him, and even infuses a kind of syntactic torpor into the line: the My dear son in his father's sloped fine hand out of that dead dusty summer where he had prepared for Harvard so that his father's hand could lie on a strange lamplit table in Cambridge; that dead summer twilight--the wistaria, the cigar-smell, the fireflies--attenuated up from Mississippi and into this strange room, across this strange iron New England snow.
Up to 100 neighbours gathered at Earlsdon Methodist Hall to voice concerns over Wistaria Lodge which will open in September following a refurbishment.
Cllr Harper, who chaired the meeting, said she had been burgled and that police told her the offenders were children from Wistaria Lodge.
Youngsters at the Manor will be moved to Wistaria Lodge children's home later this year.
The seven young people represent about half the children housed at The Manor - the building is packed with additional youngsters from Wistaria Lodge in Earlsdon which is being renovated.
While experienced temporary managers are in charge of Wistaria Lodge in Earlsdon, Stoke House in Stoke and its adjoining secure unit, only The Grange in Keresley has a qualified manager.