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Synonyms for wisp

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a small tuft or lock

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a small person

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a small bundle of straw or hay

a flock of snipe

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Everything was wet except Maud, and she, in oilskins, rubber boots, and sou'wester, was dry, all but her face and hands and a stray wisp of hair.
"What about the black line?" cried the American, triumphantly pushing back a wisp of hair which nearly fell in his soup.
And to the surprise of Firkin, clasping her dressing-gown around her, the wisp of hair floating dishevelled behind her, the little curl-papers still sticking in bunches round her forehead, Briggs sailed down to Mrs.
To Martin this withered wisp of a creature was a symbol.
His father was quite otherwise; of a sunny, jovial disposition, but with a quick temper like a sudden flame kindled in a wisp of straw, which consumes it in a flash and is no more.
He afterwards showed me a wisp of hay, and a fetlock full of oats; but I shook my head, to signify that neither of these were food for me.
Airspan Networks Inc, a 4G/5G Radio Access Network equipment vendor and CTIconnect(TM), a nationwide provider of the distribution, design, and integration of wireless networking equipment and services, has announced a partnership targeting wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) and vertical network operators providing CBRS services, the company said.
As if driven by some unseen hand, providing "true" broadband in rural America has become more important to over 2,000 Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) serving the country.
Telrad Networks, a global provider of innovative LTE telecom solutions, has announced its partnership with OmniPoint Technology, to provide Over-The-Top (OTT) Media Services to wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) nationwide, the company said.
Written Information Security Programs (WISPs) are integral components of an effective compliance framework; indeed, a WISP is required to be implemented by most, if not all, compliance laws, both federal and state.
Waterloo, Canada, August 19, 2017 --(PR.com)-- In an important development in the world of networking solutions for the fixed wireless industry, Ontario-based Aterlo Networks today announced that Preseem, its network telemetry platform for WISPs, is now integrated with the recently launched Pulse module of Sonar ISP billing & OSS software.
Unlike the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, which pulls in wisps of gas only occasionally, Messier 106's black hole is actively gobbling up material.
And those who loved the Sonic Colours video game will also love the Sonic Colours 5ins action figure, complete with two 2.5ins Wisps. We have four super Sonic prize packs to give away, each containing two Sonic Generations ten-inch figures (one Classic and one Modern), two Sonic Riders three-inch figures with freewheeling board (one Sonic and one Jet), and a Sonic Colours fiveinch figure complete with two 2.5-inch Wisps, worth a total of nearly pounds 77!
providers, or WISPs, are also largely dependent on this spectrum.