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a small tuft or lock

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a small person

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a small bundle of straw or hay

a flock of snipe

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With this API integration between Preseem and Sonar Pulse, WISPs can get detailed subscriber QoE information without the need to duplicate any network or subscriber configuration.
Along the way, audiences will meet a whole host of fairytale characters - tree elves, fire sprites, white witches, gnomes, wisps and trolls - in beautiful locations around the region's parks.
Wisp is an entirely new option and represents a move away from the grant-dependent system.
WISP NOMAD solves that problem by recognizing the Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) carriers that are available and automatically selects the appropriate carrier to eliminate roaming charges.
Mada (Kuwait) was recognised as the best WISP for 2018, e-Saudi, one of InfiNet's key partners in Saudi, was commended for having executed the most strategic project and individuals from Hussam Technology Company in Oman and EuroTel in Saudi were recognised for their outstanding contributions in supporting InfiNet's customers and helping the company grow its business in the region.
According to Littman, this is a problem because some businesses do not have a WISP, haven't fully implemented a WISP, or have failed to update a WISP they implemented years ago.
Airspan Networks Inc, a 4G/5G Radio Access Network equipment vendor and CTIconnect(TM), a nationwide provider of the distribution, design, and integration of wireless networking equipment and services, has announced a partnership targeting wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) and vertical network operators providing CBRS services, the company said.
creator of the patent-pending WISP vaporising system, the company said.
Consultant resident engineer of Water Sector Improvement Project (WISP) briefed the meeting about works carried out on Nara, Mithrao, Phulelli and Ghotki feeder canals.
The Metroidvania-style game put players in the role of the wisp Ori as it tries to restore the forest it lives in.
Willo the Wisp and the Fire Sprite is an enchanting fairytale walkabout adventure touring five parks and gardens across Merseyside.
In short, for the first time since the inception of the WISP industry, actual tangible efforts from other parties are presumably about to bring broadband to rural and other poorly-served areas.
Curtis, CEO and co-founder of AtLink Services, has joined the board of directors of WISP PAC, a political action committee.
Wisp digital blinds increases comfort for users and saves energy at a moderate upfront cost, which is also subsidized by various State and Federal programs - this is something worth fighting for."