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Of course, it's important to differentiate between flexibility and wishy-washiness. The inability to reach a conclusion after hearing both sides of a story is not flexibility.
Finally, on October 10 he came down squarely in Bush's corner, calling the removal of Saddam Hussein "a worthy and sensible goal." Such wishy-washiness makes the advocates of war seem all the more forceful.
In popular usage, she says, "ambivalence connotes the lukewarm attitude, the wishy-washiness, the holding back from full commitment that religious communities preach against." But she contends that women's ambivalence might be "cultivated" as a creative choice and, at the very least, looked upon as honorable.
The mighty Jepther McClymont - his real name, folks - gets back to basics with 11 tracks of snap-hard roots-reggae, thankfully turning his back on the wishy-washiness of recent years.
Nevertheless, a who's who of big names flocked to Crowe's banner, and the resulting blockbuster is not a bad yarn, with some terrific battle scenes only let down by a far-fetched plot and some wishy-washiness.
"This wishy-washiness on their part is giving the impression that they are backing away from their original stance."
Had a county elections officer in Palm Beach not designed a confusing ballot, these cons probably would be whining about Bush and the wishy-washiness of compassionate conservatism.
The sarcasm, the wishy-washiness, the inner turmoil surrounding a mother-daughter relationship -- it's still boiling over and inviting as ever.
Now we have the start of a trend towards such wishy-washiness and that's worrying.