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an unrealistic yearning

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Students' attitudes towards nature were also stimulated by imagined fears about possible danger; wishfulness for risk-taking activities; and for some, there was a sense of dream-like reaction to what they described as the only time they had been to nature.
Primarily, WT is unsupported optimism, idealized unrealistic hope or wishfulness. This paper explains and clarifies WT as a fallacy, distinguishing it from self-deception and delusion, and defends the crucial importance of hard evidence to support one's beliefs.
"From Wariness to Wishfulness: Disney's Emasculation of Pinocchio's Conscience." GR 65.3 (2011): 584-608.
But Lamo's tiding of comfort, based perhaps in guilt-ridden wishfulness, turned out to be grotesquely incorrect.
The final categories for reasons to engage in FWBRs were attraction, avoiding emotional commitment, seeking comfort, convenience, fun and experience, closeness with a friend, wishfulness (hoping that the FWBR develops into a more committed relationship), spontaneity ("just happened," as several participants described it), wanting sexual release, seeking uncommitted sex, and other.
Critics have also focused on the series of oxymoronic, paradoxical, and repetitive contrasts throughout the poem that have been noted by Jack Stillinger: sacred and demonic; green and icy; tumult and quiet; light and dark; Kubla as "the triumphant creator, or arrogant tyrant" (73); his autocratic yet successful exercise of power by decrees in creating something beautiful befitting his royal taste (perhaps in a parallel to the way God dispenses his powers), on the one hand, and, on the other, the nature of imperfection and incompleteness about the act of poetic creativity (paralleling human endeavor), and "wishfulness, as opposed to accomplishment" (78).
If you can get past the manic wishfulness for a sec, McGonigal's basic point is worth considering: From chess to Angry Birds, good games are profoundly engaging--they dole out psychological rewards that keep us coming back for more; the result is not manipulation, but motivation.
In counterpoint, the rational workings of the market push the boundary back (to the left) as reality triumphs over wishfulness and experience (e.g., Medicare HMO risk contracting).
A general principle of educational fundraising that will recur throughout this handbook is that donors respond more readily to quality than to need, to positive accomplishment than to negative wishfulness. sometimes a special newsletter can focus on a new initiative, a new facility, or a special event such as a key anniversary.
In these narratives, Auden writes, 'All wishes, whatever their apparent content, have the same unvarying meaning: "I refuse to be what I am".' (2) Although, conservatively, he mistakes such wishfulness for the hubris of the individual who lacks the necessary drive to succeed in a modern meritocracy, Auden nevertheless accurately identifies an insistent sense of self-disavowal running throughout West's texts.
This is not just a theoretical wishfulness; alternative solutions, aesthetically creative and non-conformist mosques employing modernizing elements, with or indeed without domes or minarets, do exist.
The paper argued that the pudding may be usefully regarded as a 'mirror of wishfulness' expressive of national desires and devotions in Australia as at the end of the First World War.
Kincaid ends with an almost plaintive wishfulness that is, in effect, a wholehearted endorsement of the plasma monitors he brought to his school: "Anything we can do to get the kids interested in school and coming to learn...."
It's also a kind of ars poetica, in that its complex honesty about the self--its recognition of a human hunger to remain in a state of constant wishfulness, for example, as well as its understanding that an unselfish-seeming compassion may ultimately be more about the self than the other--is distilled by a pressurized syntax and contained by quatrains that feel hammered into place, so that it becomes a model for language as thought caught in the act of speaking.