wishful thinker

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a person who escapes into a world of fantasy

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a wishful thinker typically believes that p while lacking adequate evidence for p.
The winner completed an across-the-card double for trainer Nigel Tinkler, also on the mark with Wishful Thinker in the first race at Redcar.
Having won the seller at Newcastle with Miss Equinox, trainer Nigel Tinkler completed a plating double with Wishful Thinker in the maiden seller.
Wishful Thinker can continue Brian Meehan's good form with a win in the Virgin Atlantic Cargo Maiden Stakes (7.05).
Or if you're a wishful thinker who can't bear the thought of a horse taking a tumble, you can stake your money at 500-1 on none of them falling during the entire meeting.
This news comes hot on the heels of concerns that Dragons' Den is encouraging "wishful thinkers" to start up their own business.
And according to a study, Dragon's Den "is encouraging too many wishful thinkers to set up businesses that are doomed to fail".
As realists, seasoned Beijing policy makers up north are by no means wishful thinkers and it is they more than us who handle more bordering neighbours of which Nepal is merely one of fourteen.
*** Assad Was The First Among The Wishful Thinkers That Trump Was To Become A Normal Ally' Because The Syrian Ruler, Whose Foes Call The Worst Tyrant In History', As The Property Billionaire President-Elect Was Repeatedly Giving Hints That He Will Be Friends With Russia's Stalinist Tsar Vladimir Putin Who, As Some Of The Trumped Experts' Now Being Parked Near The Trump Tower For The Next White House Personnel Will Eventually Become His Most Frightening Adversary'
Therefore, it is the domain of wishful thinkers prepared to put their health in the hands of hearsay and folklore.
Aside from the customary wishful thinkers who would like to see any or all of Messi, Ronaldo, Kane and Pique down at St Andrew's, a few names cropped up regularly.
Some analysts predict a mild recovery across South America after an abysmal 2014, but they are wishful thinkers. Almost every government in the southern continent is unprepared for the negative fiscal shock that awaits them.
These wishful thinkers are price hawks depending on conventional oil and natural gas; for them, however, the break-even price of the crude oil they export must not be lower than the $120-140/b range.
Wishful thinkers and women's rights activists dream on.