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Synonyms for wishful

having or expressing desire for something


desiring or striving for recognition or advancement

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However, the Bible definition of hope is altogether different and has nothing to do with "wishful thinking."
RISING singers Princess Sevillena, Kimberly Baluzo, Louie Anne Culala, Carmela Ariola and Ace Bartolome recently completed the Wishful Journey concert-their first major project as bonafide recording artists since their online singing competition stint on Wish 107.5.
In the fourth round where the Wishful 5 performed together, Princess earned 19.67 percent.
Whereas some politicians express wishful thinking of seeing a judicial martial law, others show extreme paranoid behaviour of a possible judicial coup.
In a statement issued here on Monday, the CM GB said such baseless and false news could be wishful thinking of retrogressive forces that could not see the region as prosperous and developed.
THERE was an awful lot of wishful thinking tied up with the 2016 European referendum.
Denying rumors about any rifts in the party, he maintained that consultations within the party continue but rumors are only wishful dreams of the opponents.
Mr Justice Leggatt yesterday dismissed Mr Blue's claim as "wishful thinking".
A BANKER who claimed Mike Ashley promised him PS15million in a pub was the victim of "wishful thinking", a judge ruled yesterday.
But, this could very well be wishful thinking, as the course of the freight markets offers no tangible hopes for a recovery in ordering activity.
Speaking to an audience of more than 3,000 at the Applied Net conference in Las Vegas on October 20, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright stressed the importance of critical thinking, not wishful thinking.
Speaking to reporters in Juba, a spokesperson for the presidency, described reports that Kiir was sick as "wishful thinking by enemies of South Sudan."
THE Chief Secretary to the Treasury has branded claims Scots could net an "independence bonus" of PS1,000 a year as "pure wishful thinking".
The Match of the Day presenter continues the fun over Yaya Toure's supposed post-birthday sulk with a bit of wishful thinking LewisHamilton Been a busy few weeks for me, on&off the track but I'm pleased to be getting back to racing this weekend!