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Synonyms for wiseness

the quality of being prudent and sensible

the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight

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She said there was a growing "war wiseness" in the US and that there was a sense "we don't want to keep going to war and we can't afford it."
ERIC Descriptors: High School Students; Academic Achievement; Chemistry; Science Instruction; Scores; Achievement Gains; School Culture; Classroom Techniques; Educational Strategies; Models; Science Tests; Student Characteristics; Educational Environment; Principals; Administrator Role; At Risk Students; Educational Administration; Instructional Leadership; Teacher Expectations of Students; Progress Monitoring; Family School Relationship; Faculty Development; Test Wiseness; Educational Improvement; Change Strategies
So Hamlet warns Laertes: 'For though I am not splenative and rash,/Yet have I something in me dangerous/Which let thy wiseness fear' (5.1.251-3), and urges his revenge with hate speech: 'ere this/I should have fatted all the region's kites/With this slave's offal.
"She just had this natural charisma and focus and fierceness and wiseness and morality.
Jimmy's spirit, which will be with us as long as we remember ourselves, is the only truth which keeps us sane and changes our whys to wiseness. It is his spirit, spirit of the little black first ancestor, which we feel, those of us who really felt it.