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someone who wiretaps a telephone or telegraph wire

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This is true of the wiretapper or electronic eavesdropper and of all those who disclose information, that in fact can be traced to a disclosure by the original wiretapper or eavesdropper, with reason to know of the information's illicit origins, except to the extent the First Amendment bans application.
Pridan, one of the hired wiretappers, is serving time and cooperating with police in a probe into whether Nimrodi plotted to kill the other wiretapper, Yaakov Tzur.
And all this data can be transformed by encryption so that a wiretapper can't understand the 1s and 0s flowing through the phone lines.
Ning Cai and Haowei Yang first proposed a communication system on a wiretap network(CSWN) and proved a necessary condition of implementing network security by network coding, meaning that source node sends message to destination node without leaking out any useful information to wiretapper [1].
Fragmentation transmits each byte of data individually so that a wiretapper would have a hard time figuring out what the complete message is.
196) Since the anti-wiretapping statutes punished the innocent publishers, and not the offending wiretappers themselves, Stevens's opinion concluded that these laws penalized the wrong parties, a fact justified by a lack of empirical information from the government showing that the laws deterred wiretappers.
But CSIS wiretappers had recorded nine telephone calls between Parmar's residence in Vancouver and that of Inderjit Singh Reyat, a car mechanic in Duncan on Vancouver Island.
Warrantless wiretappers had a field day under Bush, and Congress reaffirmed their activities in the FISA bill, for which Obama voted in a turnaround from previous pledges.
Obama jumped from opposing to favoring, lining up with the Bush-Cheney wiretappers and snoopers.
Make our government safe for the wiretappers, environmental rapists, corporate looters and petroleum pirates.