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Synonyms for wirer

someone who sends a telegram

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a worker who installs and repairs electric wiring

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As we further integrate our offerings with Paul Allen's wirer marketing, distribution and co-branding agreement with Go2Net (NASDAQ:GNET) to integrate click2learn.
AaAaAaAa The workshop aims at identifying the best regional and international practices related to information management and providing wirers in the humanitarian field either inside or outside the region with a number of recommendations that improve data use in human response field.
The electrical engineer found most wirers were not experienced in the British code and many were third-country nationals with no electrical training at all.
The acquisition concerns M&Q Plastic Products assets, excluding workforce, and its customer portfolio consisting of wirers and British automobile manufacturers.
The growth rates range from an increase of 138 percent for home health aides to a decline of 75 percent for frame wirers, central office, a much wider range, compared with that among the major occupational groups discussed in the previous section.