wireless telegraphy

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Synonyms for wireless telegraphy

telegraphy that uses transmission by radio rather than by wire

the use of radio to send telegraphic messages (usually by Morse code)

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A bill is currently passing through parliament to let prison governors "interfere with wireless telegraphy" in order to prevent the use of mobile phones.
Licences to establish, maintain and operate the DTH platform are granted under Section 4 of the Indian Telegraph Act 1885, and the Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933.
He decided to sell not only the equipment but also wireless telegraphy as a service.
It was a steel-hulled luxury steamer, built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast, in November 1906 for the British India Steam Navigation Co at Glasgow and was one of the earliest vessels to be equipped with the latest Marconi wireless telegraphy.
It recounts how the airport was, for some reason, unlit and a problem at the wireless telegraphy station meant there was no communication with the cockpit.
In the inter-war period, the NPL continued to build on its good work, adding new areas of investigation, including X-rays and radioactivity, wireless telegraphy, optics and acoustics and noise.
While Sommerfeld himself became involved in researching improvements to wireless telegraphy, Seth also presents the work Ludwig Hopf did in aerodynamics.
The Radio Operators were also heroes, using the new wireless telegraphy to call repeatedly for help.
ImpaludismThe general morbid state occurring in inhabitants of marshy districts.Marconigram Message sent by Marconi's system of wireless telegraphy.
But the 1911 limited-edition dictionary included with its 2011 counterpart, offers a glimpse into a world where exciting new words included "marconigram" - a message sent by Marconi's wireless telegraphy system; 'kinematograph' - an apparatus producing motion pictures; and 'biplane' - a two-winged aeroplane.
Back then, new words included marconigram (a message sent by Marconi's wireless telegraphy system), kinematograph (an apparatus producing motion pictures) and petticoat - defined as a skirt worn by women, girls and young boys, either externally or beneath gown or frock.
CMARA Vice President John Brusa explained that the origin of the word "ham" for an amateur radio operator goes back to the early 1900s, when two groups of people were involved in the wireless communications technology that would evolve into radio: professional wireless telegraphy operators, and amateur radio operators who experimented to improve the technology for personal satisfaction rather than monetary gain.
His subsequent interest in physics was governed by his love of mathematics and resulted in his employment of the techniques of mathematical physics to engineering problems connected with heat radiation, wireless telegraphy, ship waves and turbulence in hydrodynamics, and other problems in electrodynamics.
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