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He will carry only a wireless set for communication with the intelligence agencies," the officer told M AIL T ODAY .
A fine scholar, he was awarded the Military Medal in 1944 after operating two wireless sets single-handed while being continuously shelled and mortared for two hours.
With the financial services sector being identified as one of the largest vertical market opportunities in the wireless industry, Quotestream Wireless sets the new standard for wireless financial applications.
Tenders are invited for Supply and delivery of spare parts of the wireless sets of motorola make gp328
In a letter written to senior officials revealed that after deactivation of cell phones inside jail, the administration is allegedly providing the facility to influential inmates with wireless sets.
He said that the recovered weapons and other things include one pistol, one mine, two motorcycles, two wireless sets and one telescope.
4 lakh apart from a mobile phones, counting machines, liquor, wireless sets, and playing cards.
Police also confirmed the seizure of one AK-56 rifle, three magazines of AK-56, 143 rounds of AK-56 rifle, one Chinese pistol, a magazine of the Chinese pistol, five rounds of Chinese pistol, two Chinese grenades and two walkie talkie wireless sets.
Other items up for bid tomorrow include a 1953 Austin army truck, the hangar where the equipment was stored and wireless sets from the 1930s and 1940s.
This relationship with AT&T Wireless sets the stage for Esemde to meet this demand.
Tender notice number : UTPOLI/2015/DIGITAL WIRELESS SETS
The employees have been asked to perform duties around the clock in the forest and wireless sets have been provided to all field officers and a wireless control room has also been set up.
According to the plan, a call will be made in the district unit and the message will be flashed through wireless sets.
The forces recovered a suicide jacket, two wireless sets, a pistol and rounds.
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