wire-haired terrier

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a terrier with wiry hair

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And, providing the, er, underdog, there's that cute little wire-haired terrier belonging to Eugene Levy, a mild-mannered, fashion-challenged menswear salesman with quite literally two left feet (in Hush Puppies, naturally) who can't seem to meet a man with whom wife Catherine O'Hara hasn't had a fling.
As well as seeking the help of a spiritualist medium to find the 14-year-old wire-haired terrier cross, they have also launched a 'Find Gabby' Facebook page.
HEARTBROKEN: Little Sam Mannion hopes for news of his beloved pet SO GENTLE: Gabby with Sam, left, and older brother Lewis when they were babies MISSING: Gabby the wire-haired terrier cross went missing more than two years ago
On occasions she would bring her little wire-haired terrier dog to school as she was a strong animal supporter of the RSPCA and once a month would sell us a magazine called 'Animal Ways'.
An RSPCA spokeswoman said: 'The dog is thought to be five or six years old and is a wire-haired terrier, tan and white with a black patch above the tail.
The two surviving dogs, a wire-haired terrier called Sherman and a collie-cross puppy called Dougal, recovered and were rehomed by the RSPCA.
If you own a pedigree dog, especially one with a tricky coat (such as a poodle or a wire-haired terrier), you will need the services of a professional dog groomer from time to time.
Though Greg resembles a wire-haired terrier on the attack, he is passionate about sport, particularly football.
BEAUTY, a wire-haired terrier belonging to Mr Bill Barnet, a PDSA veterinary officer who led one of the animal rescue squads during the bombings of London.
RESCUE EFFORTS: Beauty the wire-haired terrier helped save 63 pets following an air raid Pictures reproduced by kind permission of the PDSA - Britain's leading veterinary charity; CONTRIBUTION: White Vision the pigeon was awarded a medal for delivering a message which helped to save and aircrew
He will be thinking about the wire-haired terrier up the street which likes to go into the garden for a bark at half past midnight, on the dot.
Boston terriers, Cairn terriers, Scottish terriers, West Highland terriers, wire-haired terriers, dalmatians, Irish setters, poodles and schnauzers are actually more prone to hay fever than others.