wire-haired fox terrier

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a fox terrier with wiry hair

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We hadn't had a dog in the house since we had to give our wire-haired fox terrier away.
Arrive at Ascot, put on tie (resentfully), if haven't forgotten it, have a Pimm's, tell anyone who's listening that my Auntie Beth called her wire-haired fox terrier Pimm's, because it was her favourite drink, think about doing a Placepot, decide I can't be bothered.
A wire-haired fox terrier who barked incessantly, chewed my shoes and made my mum shout a lot.
Lucy, the wire-haired fox terrier with delusions of grandeur, tried the Adam Style Temple, hand-painted with doric columns, for pounds 5,545, while Louis, the Yorkshire terrier with top dog ambitions, opted for a Louis XV-style Pavilion in the style of an 18th Century French Rosewood commode for pounds 7,800.
Every dog will have its day runs the old saying and on Thursday (Nov 1) it is the turn of Bobs, a wire-haired fox terrier serving as ship's mascot aboard the Royal Navy's destroyer, HMS Tornado during the First World War.