wire wool

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a mass of woven steel fibers used as an abrasive

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Blades of cutting tools need to be wiped with an oily rag after each use, but once a year you should use wire wool to remove rust or dried sap, then oil the blades lightly.
The team purchased second-hand track and cars off Ebay and then worked hard with wire wool and cleaning fluid to renovate the track.
Even a bath of hot Swarfega and a wire wool brush couldn't rid me of the mental stains left by those revelations.
Wire wool your old QI HAVE block paving edges on my drive with planters along them.
He's graceful Federer, as but dogged But Murray - Irn Bru in his veins, wire wool on his bonce, steel in his every sinew - has forged an astonishing career out of this sort of thing.
Painting a pine fireplace surround will quickly transform it, and rust can usually be banished with Hammerite Kurust (PS8.49 for 250ml, Halfords), metal paint that can be applied directly to rust, or in the case of polished metal surrounds that aren't designed to be painted, very fine sandpaper or metal polish and fine wire wool.
We favour fine sandpaper or wire wool for distressing our furniture because it gently takes off the surface of the paint without doing a great deal of damage to the wood underneath.
Lightly sand with the finest sandpaper or wire wool, wipe down with white spirits before painting.
p Transform vulgar repro - say cheap French-style decorative furniture - by rubbing it down with wire wool and repainting it in sugar almond shades.
'And a 20 micron plated piece would give many years of service as long as it's not attacked with wire wool.'
After the first hour I felt like I needed a hot bath or, at the very least, a stand-up wash using Swarfega and a wire wool loofah.
"We'll have to go back to the wire wool tights - they might be like wearing pipe lagging, but they don't contravene any public obscenity laws."
Malcolm Hope, prosecuting, said: "A customer ordered a takeaway meal from Chunki Chicken on Linthorpe Road, she collected the food, took it home, and found pieces of wire wool in the chicken wrap she had ordered.