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Synonyms for localization

a determination of the place where something is

(physiology) the principle that specific functions have relatively circumscribed locations in some particular part or organ of the body

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Breast lesions causing nipple discharge: preoperative galactography-aided stereotactic wire localization. AJR Am J Roentgenol 2005;184:1795-8.
Randomized prospective evaluation of a novel technique for biopsy or lumpectomy of nonpalpable breast lesions: radioactive seed versus wire localization. Ann Surg Oncol.
Wire localization commands the major market share as it is an established technique.
A minimally invasive procedure primarily applied to smaller tumors in the breast, detected by mammograms or breast ultrasound but rarely by touch, radioactive seed location is beginning to supplant traditional wire localization for lumpectomies.
They detail the evaluation of fine needle aspirates, core biopsies, wire localization biopsies, and resection specimens, and discuss the normal breast, inflammatory conditions, sclerosing and papillary lesions, fibroadenomas and phyllodes tumors, stromal lesions, diseases of the nipple, fibrocystic changes, ductal and lobular proliferations, and familial breast cancer.
Ultrasound-guided wire localization (Figure 6) is the preferred method of management for masses seen on ultra sound.